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Hi All, having recently been diagnosed as hypo due to high anibodies I have been reading a 'thyroid diet' book and there is a whole range of supplements recommended - if I took them all I think I really would shake like a smartie tube!

I am guessing it will be a trial and errors basis to see which ones work for me but as a starting point has anyone taken supplements that appear to work for them if it be helping results/loosing weight or just generally feeling better?!

Many thanks :)

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Hi there, I'm not diagnosed but believe I am suffering with thyroid issues. A rising TSH 2.8 and low ft4 readinf 11.7. My GP won't help!

Anyway, I am supplementing with magnesium at night, Calcium (menopausal), Vit B12 (this was low but not off the scale), tiny amount of iodine (only because I know that I do not have any antibodies), plus Vid D3 drops and natural progesterone cream (not sure if this is really of use). Migth also help my adrenals a bit more with adrenal glandulars if my adrenal test comes back wanting.

The main fly in the ointment for me though I think is consuming sugar so have spent this week cutting it all out. All sucrose, fructose and lactose. (See Sugar Babes blog) This has made the most difference for me I think. Calming down my system, easing off the strain on my adrenals and allowing me to feel tired not 'wired' before bed. This in turn should help my thyroid function a little and will support a little weight loss.

Combined with the considered use of supplements I'm hopoing that things will carry on improving.



Your post reminds me of myself as I feel like I'd rattle if you shake me.

However, i am not convinced it's necessary, if you have a balanced diet, to supplement at all. Unless blood tests show you are actually deficient in something specific.

I do take some of the usual suspects such as B12, D3, C, omega 3, evening primrose. I took 5HTP for depression and I came out high in magnesium from over supplementing.

Hope some of that helps.


Hi A good multi vit and mineral , fish oils and co enzyme Q 10 are all recommended. check vit D, if low, calcium test and if under range Vit D teatment. Iron/ferritin test, glucose and B12 and Folic acid. All connected to thyroid issues especially if autoimmune.Do not take electrolytes without a blood test, some on a script only is safe. Electrolytes especially magnesium . Potassium. calcium and sodium. They must always be in range effect each other ,heart and kidney and other things less important.If seeing a good endo, they should deal with all that.

I hope that helps.

Best wishes,


You may not know but to reply to a set person, click on " Reply to this" or we do not know.


I have high peroxidase. I was advised by Consultant Endo not to take iodine other than in a multi vitamin form. This is what I take daily after much research:

multi vitamin - always taken this as I am vegetarian and when working often missed meals

Selenium - recommended by many on this site

B12 - just started this after reading many articles and following blood test.

Vit D3 - I do not recommend taking this with calcium (unless prescribed and monitored)

as a recent study indicates that it can interfere with heart rhythm.

I have read about thyroid problems affecting cholesterol etc so I ensure plant sterols are part of my diet. Many years ago I read about trans fats and have always ensured that spreads etc do not include them. Many countries ban them in products because of their effects on heart disease.

All very boring - and being human we can only aspire to do everything right. I still indulge occasionally......

hope this helps.


Hi, I too have Hypothyroidism and have recently started taking 2 B12 tablets, Holland & Barrett if its near you is a good place to get them, they certainly worked for me, gave me back my energy levels and well being and have started to feel normal again, hope this helps - good luck x


...there are sprays for some things like B12 and VitD3 which should reduce some of the rattling ! Also B12 patches. I do think both are important. Also Selenium and the Wassen brand contains Vitamins A C D and E. Boots often have on the 3 for 2 offer !


thanks all for the feedback, can start to collate a 'starting point' now! seems there are some that are reguararly mentioned so will look into this to begin with and go from there!


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