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Hi, I have been treated for hypothyroidism for nearly 10 years, after   suffering with symptoms for two years and my doctors just telling me to change my lifestyle and my weight increased they finally did a blood test. By that time I think I put on well over a stone in weight and no matter if I eat healthy and exercise I struggle with weight loss. I am now 3 stone overweight and not happy. Last year I complained to my doctor that I don't think my T3 is converting and showed them information on the other drug which helps T3. They said it didn't exist. Said my TSH levels were fine, but I said I have read that not necessarily are they converting correctly if my TSH levels  are ok. They called the phlebotomy department and asked them and they agreed with them. I contacted an endocrinologist to see about an appointment and they said won't see without a referral from GP but they won't refer. 

I have been looking at supplements, ie. Green tea powders and fat burners, as I think if I can boost my metabolism I may find I have more energy to exercise etc. But whenever I cross reference on Internet it says that ingredients effect thyroxine. 

Advice please I am 43 and have been on 125 thyroxine for all this time. I am due a blood test. So will book soon, and post my results. I read on one of the posts that someone asked for freeT3 and freeT4 to be tested. Is this worth a try asking or will I get refused.


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  • I have been a member here for a while and people regularly complain that the various supplements they have tried don't help. So without evidence that you need them I would say don't waste your money, save it for a visit to a sympathetic doctor!

    But the first step is an educated look at your blood results, such as they are. Ask the surgery for a printout of your most recent results, and post them here for comments. My guess is that long before we worry about your conversion, we will see that you are 'normal' which is a statistical concept, but not optimal. You may need additional private tests to get a clear picture, but let's take it one step at a time.

  • Thanks, I will arrange a test this week and post results. 

  • Hi. Make sure you take your test as early as possible and that you haven't eaten for about ten hours. You can drink water though. Leave about 24 hours between your last meds and the test. Take it after. This will give them a true reflection of your bloods and the tsh will be at its highest.

    We don't get our t3 routinely done in th e UK, we have to fight for it. Some doctors only do tsh. I don't know what system you have there but we can get these tests done privately. 

    I wish you luck, post your results here and people will help you to understand them.

    Good luck! :-)

  • Your most recent test will do as a start,  given that nothing much has changed recently. 

  • Test booked for tomorrow morning, so hopefully will have results quite quick. Will be glad to have people's feedback as I haven't a clue really. 

  • I will be calling doc this morning to see if my results are back. Feeling very low at the moment, just want to cry all the time. Without going down the antidepressant root; as I don't want to go there! Can anyone suggest anything over the counter that will help me?


  • After a lot of reading this morning I bought some 5htp lunchtime and will start it tonight. Hope I start to feel a bit better within myself. I like the fact it says may also help me to lose weight as I do struggle with that and I think that is also why I feel so miserable. 

  • I do well on 5-HTP and have been taking it for about 5 years. I take 50mg per night.

    Hope it helps you. :)

  • I hope so, thanks for replying 

  • The other question I have is the problem with taking my other medications at same time as my thyroxine: every morning at the same time I take:

    Micronor contraception 

    120mg fexofenadrine antihistamine 

    Will these stop my thyroxine working properly?

  • The reason for taking thyroid meds separately is that it can get bound up with substances from other supplements and meds. Once this happens the body can't get access to the thyroid hormones in your meds. Some particularly bad ones are iron, vitamin D, oestrogen, and I'm sure there is something else but I've forgotten what. Iron and others should be taken at least 4 hours away from thyroid meds.

  • So I am better off splitting up my dosages will start tomorrow and see if I start to notice a difference. Starting 5htp tonight too so fingers crossed. 

  • I don't know how you take your meds and supplements at the moment. One possible timetable is to take thyroid meds as soon as you wake up, then vitamins at lunchtime, then minerals in the evening. Iron is the exception, and should be taken at lunchtime with vitamin C.

  • I don't take iron, I did buy some well women sport fatigue vitamins to start taking but haven't started yet. I think they have iron in them.. My new lunchtime regime... My body is in for a shock

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