On a mission!!

Got the forms for a new GP, filled them in and am going to take them back tomorrow.

I am getting up early tomorrow morning to do the blood test for the private full thyroid and all associated T3, T4 etc.

Just hoping the new GP's will be sympathetic and hopefully wont need retesting and will put the private test results in my files.

Here's hoping anyway.....

Sort of feeling anxious about moving quacks, out of the frying pan and into the fire, that sort of stuff, wondering if I really am doing the right thing!!

Ann xx

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  • I hope so - wish you well.


  • Thanks Rod.

    It feels a bit daunting as been with this doc for 14 years, but as hubby pointed out again today, he doesnt see the person just the weight.

    Ann xxx

  • good luck chemical xxx

  • Sorry, just retyping to make sense:

    A new pair of ears (and eyes!) could certainly help and has to be worth a try. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  • Good luck Hun ! I've gotta move GP too... After ringing for my blood results made the mistake of changing my address.... Receptionist refused to make me an appointment with GP as I was now 'out of area'! Fan dabby dozy!!! Hope ur new one is much improved on the last one x

  • I think what you need to remember is that with a new GP there is, at least hope, with an old one you know for certain there is nothing they will do....and if the new one turns out to be as bad as the old or worse...there is nothing stopping you from upping sticks again....just don't stick with them for as long this time round if they show no signs of hope!!...good luck and hopefully this one will be the one ;)

  • Thanks you guys, the support is much appreciated xxx

    Ann xxx

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