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I have a private blood test today using but horizons thyroid plus 12. As I could find no private clinics here ,I have had to find a nurse privately to do this for m enthe only time they could was in their lunch hour at 1 pm. I had to take my NDT at 8 am.

I really don't have much of a choice with these timings. I am just hoping that not having the blood drawn at 9 as usual will make the test less valid or accurate. I did only take one grain at 8 and will not take another till 2 or so.

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  • Have you tried asking your local hospital phlebotomy department? GP Surgery was actually obstructive (and lied), but another surgery - at which I am not a patient - suggested I try the hospital and they helped me (no charge also).

    : D

  • It won't make it less accurate. But the TSH will be lower than at 9 am, and the FT4 and 3 will probably be higher. But it will mean you won't be able to compare it to the other test and will therefore give little true indication of whether you have progressed or not.

  • gosh this is awful as it is costing so much i am in tears now i dare not tell my husband it is all for nothing

  • :(

  • Hi ravensgeo,

    Have you posted your test yet?


  • yes i have and can only hope there is enough of a change for them to see whats happening as i do feel pretty awful

  • It wasn't all for nothing - you've learnt how to get the bloods taken for nothing (I mean the actual vampire part, not the test results), and to do it at same time as previous tests. We're all learning, so don't beat yourself up too much.

  • you are right of course but i doubt we can keep affording to get the kits and i am not sure if the chap will do it again for me. such a lot of money if the results are not clear this time. lessons learnt as you say

  • It is so wrong that not everyone can afford the private route. Besides, why should we have to???? I hope all goes well and the results are meaningful.

    The end goal is of course to be healthy, and in the past GP's relied on symptoms and not labs. I used the symptom list, rather than the labs, to persuade GP to trial levo for me, so maybe we need to focus more on symptom control than labs, but don't quote me as it were??? ;-)

  • Ravensgeo,

    For future tests take NDT after your blood draw. T3 may peak in your serum for up to six hours.

  • Each time a have a private blood test I ring my surgery first, as they're only 4 minutes away. Ist time "No, oh, I don't know, I'll have to ask someone..":-( 2nd time, 3 months later "Yes, just come in and see the nurse.":-) 3rd time " No, we can't do that here; you'll have to go to the hospital & pay £10 ." I said "I'll pay you" but they wouldn't do it. :-( 4th time was last month "Yes, I'll make an appointment with the nurse for you. No there's no charge":-) !!!!!

    Next time - who knows? - but it seems to be worth making a phone call there first.

  • this is worth knowing thank you very much

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