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'Emotional' type stress

Hi all

Does anyone else struggle with an increase in some symptoms when experiencing emotional trauma? I'm living with difficult family circumstances which have been going on for some time. After yet another difficult weekend, for the first time ever, I've called in sick at work, feel incredibly sad and tired, nagging headache, just wrung out.

I'd appreciate your opinions as I'm feeling a bit guilty not going to work these last couple of days.

Thanks :)

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Absolutely. I am having a bad time at present and both my hypothyroid symptoms and my Ménière's disease symptoms are working overtime. Plus if anyone tells me just to relax and destress I will scream. I think it is so difficult to deal with when the stress is coming from an ongoing family situation and also so difficult to find a way to control the stress.


Hi! Yes, I certainly have recognised over the 6+years since diagnosis (hypothyroidism, and recently Hashimoto's Thyroiditis) that I can't handle stress well at all. During the last decade I have gone through many bereavements (husband, parents and close friend - not to mention my pet dog Shamus!). Everytime I crashed! I eventually had to give up work because I just couldn't cope. I feared I was too "unreliable" in my health to take on a job and that in itself made me worried and panicky. Catch 22! Don't feel guilty not going to work - your not well at such times and not able to work and that is that. If you force yourself to go against your body's needs to rest and recharge you'll end up feeling even more unwell and stressed. Be kind to yourself. Best wishes...

Jen x


The thyroid and the adrenals work very closely together and quite a few of us on here have adrenal issues as well as thyroid ones which makes it doubly hard to cope with.

The worse thing you can do is try to cope alone, try and get help with the situation that is causing you stress. Also the more you feel quilty about work and sit there stressing about it the longer you will take to recover. Try and get as much sleep as you can, as sleep is natures way of healing, and try not to overdo things. I find myself having time off of work because I dont feel great but still push to do housework as I feel guilty not doing anything which I bet is how you feel. In then end it does us no good as we just feel awful.

Have a look at this link and see if anything rings a bell for you.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Moggie x


Thank you for your words of support and encouragement.

I should add that unlike to many individuals here, I am generally very well on my prescribed mix of T4 and 3 so no complaints there. And in the past I have coped differently with the episodes of chaos at home - feeling angry and hostile and throwing myself into my work. This time however I felt as though all my energy drained away in a moment, leaving me feeling incredibly old and tired (I'm only 48).

You are absolutely correct Moggie, a sense of pride would ordinarily drive me to brave work, keep up with the chores at home and go training - this time however, all I want to do is stay home, sit quietly or sleep :/ Its a bit like my body has given me no choice in the matter and your responses have dispelled any lingering guilt. :)


I also have very difficult situation at home. Haven't spoken to my husband in over six years - we still live in the same house. Overactive thyroid produced itself four years ago. Last Wednesday my endo told me out of control again and I'm looking at RAI (not if I can help it). Stressed up to the eyeballs. Then, last Thursday, house burgled and car stolen off drive. Expected to continue life as normal - no stress, grrrr!!!!! Life's a bitch. Stress seems to be my mistress at the moment.


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