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Graves & Stress

Sorry to be coming & going so much here - my New Year's resolution was to spend more time getting to know people, and finding out more! But working & being a carer for mum means I don't always get time.

Well mum is in hospital after a chest infection (that she got from me ...), and the last 2 weeks have been a nightmare of worry, trying to be in 3 places at once (hospital, mealtimes, to help mum eat, seeing her doctors, keeping an eye on dad and trying to put in an appearance at work - work not terribly helpful. I had opted to try and work half-days rather than to use up all my leave in one go, but this proved impossible when combined with the commute to & from the hospital as well, especially as I tend to "burn out" very quickly).

Fortunately mum's improving gradually, but I'm really scared that all this will trigger my Graves & TED off again. I've been stable for the first time in ages on 150mg PTU, and trying to avoid stress ... but sometimes you just can't, can you?

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Really sorry you had no replies - hopefully someone with relevant knowledge will pick this up from Latest Activity....

For future reference - people tend to get a better response in the questions section.. :)




Thanks Louise! I didn't post in Questions, as was more of an apology really, for not being around more. I know I get a flare up of Graves around 4-6 weeks after a major upset ... or have in the past; hoping it might not happen this time!


Hi, I normally like to reply to the Graves people out there but today I have been baking all day - kind of like the Duracell bunny - I'm organising food for an event tomorrow, it would be easier if I actually knew numbers - sandwich and cake lunch for twenty four to thirty and drinks and biscuits for the ninety we know about but probably more! I had a dream the other night that I was trying to cut sandwiches and the fillings kept falling out.

Like you I'm hoping the stress I'm under at the moment won't set me off although I have a feeling my B&R might be going out of remission, nothing to do with my current cooking spree though, if that's what is going on then it has given me the oomph to keep going.

It must be very tough having to go to work as well as care for your mum - and dad. Such a shame to have to use up your holiday allowance too, I'm sure you don't grudge it but you aren't relaxing when you are running about. I decided to send off for a meditation CD but when it came it seemed to be blank! Two CD players said 'No CD' so off it went back to Amazon - not helpful and still not meditating either.

Hope you can relax a bit over the weekend. Hopefully the weather will stay nice and that will make you feel better :-)


Maybe they were subliminal CD's ;)


I think that all you can do at the present is to only do what is necessary. Try to eat well and regularly, to sleep as much as you can and if you do get time to yourself rest or do something that relaxes you. Be kind to yourself, you matter as much as anyone else.


Ha - never thought of that :-)


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