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So I'm going back to work after 7 months off. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos back in January this year and sub clinical hypothyroidism then full blown hypothyroidism. Looking back it seems that I've had symptoms for at the very least two years, and probably more. During the months I've been off I've seen an Endocrinologist, a Neurologist and an ENT balance specialist and have been kind of pleased in a way to find out that the crazy mood swings, the depression, the dizziness, brain fog and inability to coordinate or even communicate (and loads of other symptoms) are down to thyroid problems. Not to mean that flippantly but there was some question of a brain tumour at one point or permanent damage from a car accident from 18 months ago. I've spent loads of time reading & researching this Hashimotos and am trying to make changes to help myself and am already feeling much better. However, I work long 13hour shifts in a crazy busy CCU where have to deal with some very emotive situations and people & I'm kind of really nervous about it. I'm looking forward to feeling back in a normal routine but think it's going to be very challenging and difficult sometimes. I'm very glad to have found this site as reading people's posts on here and getting lots of replies after posting questions has made me realised, more than anything, that I wasn't going mad! So just a big thanks to everyone for this.

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  • Good luck at returning to work and am glad you're so much better. Just remember to look after yourself and rest when you can particularly after a long and busy day.

  • So good that you are going back to work - am sure everything will be fine. Some of your symptoms sound as if you could be suffering from B12 deficiency. Most Thyroid sufferers do :-( Have you had your Ferritin - Folate - B12 - Iron - VitD tested - and do you have the results ? When they are all good in their ranges you will feel stronger.

    Scroll down to read the signs and symptoms.....

    I am not medically qualified - just a fellow sufferer who has improved by improving my vitamin and mineral status along with optimal thyroid treatment. Most of which I have learnt from people here....

  • Good luck, IWNBB. I hope you've been able to negotiate a staggered return, straight back into 13 hour shifts will be very challenging.

  • Thankyou. I have, starting with 3x5hr shifts this week working up to 13hr shifts in 4 weeks with the possibility to extend the shorter shifts if I can't manage the longer days. I've done two days so far and am shattered. Onwards and upwards hopefully 😄

  • IWNBB, good news that you are being eased in. I hope it becomes easier.

  • Just wanted to say Good Luck IWNBB .

    Don't push yourself too hard.

    PP xx

  • Thankyou for this, I'm very tired after two short days back x

  • I read with interest that you have seen a balance specialist. My worst symptom has been feeling off balance but when i saw a balance consultant i was told that my underactive thyroid would not cause this. Frustrating!

  • How odd that there doesn't seem to be a general consensus on things like this. The consultant I saw explained that there are three things that effect balance...the inner ear, the brain and 'the rest of the body' with specific regard to hormones and that a problem with any of these can lead to problems. My balance has improved a lot as my symptoms have lessened.

  • I know lots of people are saying to be gentle with yourself, but I also think it's worth preparing yourself to fight for that. You may find that you can only do 80 or 90% of what you could do before, and nobody is going to hand that to you on a plate. Good luck!

  • Good luck with your return to work. :)

    Regarding your balance problems, I had/have these too. I have found several things that helped me, but nothing has been a cure in its own right, and I still have some remaining problems.

    1) Thyroid meds of the right type for me, in sufficient quantity to make me feel well.

    2) Taking high dose methylcobalamin. I wasn't B12 deficient according to either serum B12 testing or active B12 testing. But I had loads of symptoms of B12 deficiency so I started taking methylcobalamin anyway. It has helped with my balance enormously, but I deteriorate quickly if I stop taking the methylcobalamin, so I plan to take it permanently.

    3) Going gluten-free. I've had a test for coeliac disease and it was negative. But I had so many improvements when I experimented with going gf that I must have some form of intolerance. None of the improvements I got affected my gut, they only affected my brain, so I'm assuming I have gluten ataxia. My balance improved a lot going gf.

    I still have balance problems under two circumstances that I know of. Firstly, my balance is not good in the dark. And secondly, I stagger terribly if I have to walk on a narrow pavement where I am confined e.g. by a high wall on one side and parked cars on the other.

    So, if you still have balance problems perhaps you may need to try some additional things. Luckily, no 2 and 3 are easily tried without the medical profession needing to get involved - you can experiment to your heart's content if either of the ideas interests you.

  • That's very interesting about the dark and confined spaces. I've been feeling so much better recently but was on a trip in some caves last week and just lost balance and fell to one side stumbling. Thanks for the other ideas. I'm trying gluten free now and am getting my B12 tested this week then will start taking a supplement.

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