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Getting the GP to listen/extra Eltroxin

I have been on 175 mcg T4 and 10 mcg of T3 for quite a few years now and moved to my present surgery three years ago. My GP there has been quite reluctant to keep me on this amount just because my TSH is 0.05 even though my T4 is within range, or at the top end of the range.

Last year I came down to 150 mcg in the summer (I feel I need slightly less in the summer months but more in the winter) and my GP took the 25 mcg Eltroxin tablets off my prescription. I've been taking 175 mcg again since January and have today requested 25 mcg be put back on my repeat prescription as I'm running out.

I've just spoken to my GP who, again, isn't happy that my TSH is undetectable at 0.05 and won't prescribe 25 mcg extra. He wants me to have a blood test which I know will show that my TSH is very low. I told him that T3 makes TSH undetectable and I also told him that my heart rate, weight and blood pressure are fine and so I don't feel I am hyperthyroid.

I know I'm going to have a battle to get him to agree to give me the extra Eltroxin and wonder if anyone has any advice or information I can take to him to persuade him and back my case. He seems hellbent on taking only the TSH test into account and not how I feel.

Thank you.


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What a pity that you told the doctor that you needed less in the summer. If you do get the 25 back and stop taking it in the summer again just keep collecting the prescription and you will have them for the winter. Good luck.

Jo xx


Thank you, Jo. Yes, I realise now that it was a mistake to agree to him taking the 25 mcg thyroxine off my repeat prescription. He's not happy with my TSH being so low and that's all he seems bothered about. I know more about my body and condition than him and, when my TSH was higher, I was iller so don't want to go back to that situation again. I just wish these doctors would listen and not take the TSH as the only guideline.




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