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This is my first post on here, but I have had so much great help and advice from reading other posts. Diagnosed in April with hypothyroidism. Started on 50mg of levothyrioxine which was increased to 75mg in August. The GP listened and agreed to up my dose, as I was still having a lot of symptoms even although I was in range TSH 1.88 (0.4 - 4.0). Today I returned to see a different GP as no appointments available for the other. My TSH was 2.46 (0.4 - 4.0). She point blank refused to increase my dose, even although my symptoms are worse than first diagnosed. I told her about the Dr Toft research...Not accepted. She said I had Post Viral Fatigue! and asked me if I was depressed. I filled up with tears, not one bit of empathy shown. I was told to return in 2 months for a full blood test. I left in tears and she made no attempt to call me back in to discuss. As I write this I am in tears and so angry with my treatment today. You start to doubt how your feeling and wonder why GPs are so reluctant to up the dose, when I clearly listed lots of thyroid symptoms.I had to laugh at one point when she told me to have a couple of days rest every couple of days. How? I work full-time as a teacher and a mum to 5 year old twins!

I would appreciate all your thoughts and suggestions.

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  • If you email and ask for a copy of the Pulse Online article by Dr Toft who was President of the British Thyroid Association and highlight

    question 6. Your doctor may also learn something from the other questions/answers.

    I now send a letter or query before my appointment if I think it is important as they don't have time when you go for a consultation.

    I think sometimes they don't listen as they may think it throws doubt on their integrity on what they have studied, but I think they need a refresher on thyroid gland problems.

  • Thanks. I have the copy from Louise but forgot to take it with me today. I got the impression at the appointment she did not like the fact I had read up on my condition. That's a good idea about sending a letter beforehand. Might send her the link to the Scottish parliament question also! Having the condition is bad enough but then having to fight to get correct treatment seems wrong.

  • When first diagnosed and given medication, it is usual to take another blood test after approx 6 weeks and raise dose with frequent blood tests till you reach an optimum level (when you feel better) but some think keeping you 'within range' is the right thing to do. If you read question 6 of the article you will see that Dr Toft recommends a TSH of below 1 and if still unwell the addition of some T3.

  • Would I have to have my T3 tested before I was prescribed this? ? Don't think its ever been tested. I am going to phone on Monday and ask for a copy of all my blood tests.My aunt who is a nurse practioner has offered to come with me to see another GP for a second opinion. Started taking my temperature also from today as more evidence. It was 36.1.Am I right to think it should be between 36.4 - 36.8?

  • Thanks.have one more GP in the practice to try or its trying to find someone who will listen to me.wish me luck.

  • This is the link re the basal temp test:-

    You can get T3 blood test privately if GP won't do it. Some will prescribe T3 to be added to T4 without a blood test.

  • Thanks again for waking temperature has been 36.1 the past two mornings.will keeping doing it and average it out.i have been reading as much as I can before I go for my second opinion.

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