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vitamin d3 is normal but d2 is very low...... what does that mean ???

a few months ago i started d3 supplementation on docs advice as level was 29, today i called surgery and was told d3 is now 69 but d2 is very low..... my doc is calling me tomorrow but i was just wondering if this is something i should be concerned about. i thought that d3 was tested and all that i should be aware of. just a little more confusion!

thanks in advance

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It very likely means that you are taking a vitamin D supplement that is the D3 form rather than the D2 form.

Have a look at this example report from a well-known UK lab:



cheers rod,,, that example is very similar to my results,,,, d3 69,,, d2 5

yes im on d3 alone . i can see that example says the result is adequate so im assuming mine is too and that my result is in sufficient range now. just in time to keep it topped up with sunshine....


yes you're OK... it's the D3 you need and if yours is 69 you're super duperly well equipped to absorb your thyroxine into your cells.


i didn't realize that there was a level of D2 in the body to measure but I know Dr. Mercola does not approve of supplementing with D2, only D3. He thinks D2 can be toxic so I hope they don't advise you to take it. I've also read from another source, the same idea. Stick with D3.


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