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Thyroid Antibodies, vit D3 D2 iron def very low. Advice needed please

Hi I just wanted a little advice and to get some knowledge on Thyroid Antibodies blood test. I read somewhere on here that if it's present in a bloood test ten your Gp should be giving you medication for this and treat your thyroid. Not sure if it's correct. But also how would this appear on your blood test? What form/wording should I look for on my blood results for this ? Just want to Check I'm readin tr correct thing on my results. Has this is so confusing to me. For over 3 years now I'm back and forth with gps about problems and 99% of thyroid related symptoms. Sorry if this doesn't make sense, hopefully I will learn more about this. Thank you

Also, would be great help if someone could advice me. For 15yrs I have been B1/ def. my god have prescribed me monthly injections this whole time, also loaded injections. Last year my iron levels dropped and I had to take folic acid daily. My Gp has never gave me a reason why or looked into this. I've asked. In the last 6 months I'm suffering terrible with stomache pains and burning. They thought it was a ulcer, test come back neg. they have me omperazole to take daily. Now this week. My Vid D levels are very low. And iron is even lower. I've been given Hux D3 20,000unit 5 tables to take daily. 100,000 ! Is this normal. Also Ferrous Fumarate 305mg twice a day. I do have a large grotire which they keep saying isn't causing me a problem. What could be wrong ? Sorry for long post

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We need to know the results of tests for

Thyroid antibodies


Free T4

Free T3





With a large goitre and those symptoms plus the severe drop in vitamin levels and what i think you mean is low B12 ...i stringly believe you have Hashimotos Hypothyroid and your GP is failing to test correctly


Thank you for your reply. Yes I have all those results. Will post below. Some was last year as my Gp refuses to do. But I will put date next to them. But I will start with my recents done 3 weeks ago.

Thyroid Peroxidase IGG AB

Thyroid autoantibodies 3 kU/L range is 0.00 - 50.00kU/L

Serum 25-HO bit D3 level 17 nmo/l

Serum vit D2 level <5 nmo/l

No range is printed next to these.

B12 - 121 range 191-900.000ng/L

These was all done within 2 weeks.

My thyroids was done in 2016 and she has just orders more after me complaining for months .

2016 results was:

Tsh 1.55 mIU/l 0.27-4.20 range

Free thyroxine 13.6 pmol 12.00-22.0

Total T3 1.8 nmol/L 1.3-3.1

Thyroid Antibodies 13.23 IU/ml 0-115

Thyroid peroxidase abs 10.1 IU/ml 0-33 range

Sorry hope that makes sense. Soon as my thyroid resent bloods are back I will update. Also my menstral cycle has completely stopped. I haven't had one since. November. I'm 35. I've had them click work without fail every 28dahs since 13yrz. She said it's normal for my age. And that I'm depressed. I'm not depressed by the way. 😭


Change your GP before she kills you

Your freet3 is middling as is T4

Antibodies are low

Your B12 is absolutely dire and strongly indicates Pernicous aneamia which can mimic Hypothyroid

You need Intrinsic factor tested imediately and a referral to an endocrinologist fast

You do not have a goitre for no reason .......i wonder if iodine would help as that always was the reason for a goitre ..........but someone with more experience on that will know

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Thank you for your reply. Sorry for such a long post. I'm just so fed up of going to my Dr and siting there crying telling her I don't feel well, and I don't feel right. All she does is tell me I'm depressed. I have a few other problems which was serious that indicate a hormone problem. Like losing 8 pregnancys in a row prior to my cycle stopping. I've had 3 children without a problem. Soon has these problems started that's when it happened. Is there any links of information that I can take to my Gp? To show her. I will look into today to changing my Gp. Has I based in central London it's really hard. I have to be reg at a Gp within 1 mile of my home. What is a intrinsic factor test ? Sorry for long reply


Intrinsic factor tests shows Pernicous Aneamia

Pernicous Aneamia masks as Hypothyroid

You are not depressed and 8 lost pregnancies did not happen for no reason ...

Its your doctor who is plain IGNORANT

Go back and tell her she left you with

no option but to seek help of NHS choices website and they said your very low B12 indicates Pernicous Aneamia

You might want to look at the PA site on Health Unlocked too and see what they say too

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Thank you. Will do now. Thanks again for your time. Not sure if she has tested me for the PA. would it appear as that word on bloods ? Or would I be looking for a different term used ?


Intrinsic factor should be just that on blood tests

Theres another more in depth test that can be done ..people on PA forum will know

Post on there

But just push for answers are ill , you have a goitre, you have very low B12

She is totally wrong to dismiss you ...take an assertive person with you who has read what i have told you and what PA forum tells you

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Thank you. Really appreciate your advice. I have posted on PA.


I posted in PA and had a reply . The member said my bloods look ok. But will wait for other reponses on there. Even more confused now.


They are talking nonsesne ...your B12 is 121

Which is way below even the bottom of the range 191to 900

They cannot have read it correctly

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Yes I did think that. As I'm not knowledgeable in this, but I'm aware of B12 has I've had it for so long. So I know that is low. As of having a person come with me to Gp I don't. It's just me and my childnren.


B12 is def very low and below botyom of the range ....surely you have a friend who could go with you


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