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Endo letter

Just received a letter from my endo saying that my free T4 was low at 5.8 and my tsh was high at 64 so advised me to up my levo from 150 to 175mcg and as my Vit D was low at 25 I should also have a vit Supplement and see what happens in the next couple of weeks till I see him again.

The things is I know how this will turn out, once they up my levo my tsh will go right down and then they will lower it and my tsh will go back up then what will they do its a never ending saga but I will go with the flow and see.


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Next time you get your thyroid gland blood tests please get a copy with the ranges also (figures in brackets) as labs differ and someone will comment.

Your TSH is certainly high at 64, especially if you are on medication. This is a link about adjusting doses: excerpt from question January 25, 2002 and there are other topics at the top of the page.

Dr Lowe: Your observations don’t suggest to me that your pituitary gland isn’t functioning properly. In fact, your observations are consistent with what science tells us about a patient's T4 dose, her TSH level, and her metabolic health or lack of it. If the goal of a doctor is metabolic health for his patient, he has no scientific basis for adjusting her thyroid hormone dose by her TSH level. If the doctor is going to make the imprudent choice of treating the patient with T4 (rather than T3 or a T3/T4 combination), he should be aware of the relevant physiology and treat her on the basis of it. Otherwise, he's likely to ruin her health, as your doctor appears to be doing to yours.

February 17, 2008

If you’re new to the use of thyroid hormone, and you’re up to a dose that should be working for you, but you’re not benefiting from it, be sure to let your doctor and your pharmacist know. The dosage range that’s safe and effective for most patients is between 2-to-4 grains (120-to-240 mg) of desiccated thyroid. The equivalent dosage range for T4 is 200-to-400 mcg (0.2-to-0.4 mg). If you’re not improving within this dosage range, you may have thyroid hormone resistance, or the potency of the tablets or capsules you’re using may be lower than what’s stated on the label.



Please make sure you are keeping a diary of symptoms vs results vs dosages! Present it to them in writing when you go again!

Have you checked out the myhealth section of this website - it is really handy for keeping track of how you are feeling on a particular dose. :-)




Hi What is your Free T3? Often treatment with T3 lowers the TSH, maybe you need this along with thyroxine and yes thyroxine at a higher dose.If not tested for FT3, it is worth paying for one if possible, for the correct treatment.If you have not been sent all the results with ranges ( all different ) phone the consultants secretary and ask her to send them to you.



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