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Endo Dept Derriford Hospital


My doc's just done an urgent referral to Derriford Hospital as I'm on 125mcg of Levo and I'm still feeling like crap. She upped my meds from 75 to 100 (and then from 100 to 125) and i felt like myself for the first 4/5 days and then I just crashed and burned. Any ideas why? you lovely knowledgeable lot!

Has anyone used Derriford (Plymouth) Endo dept? Who's the best endo to go and see?

I've also had some bloods done that have come back as normal (according to my doctor) but at the very low end.

Vit B12-212 (175-900)

Folate- 6 (4.6-18.7)

D3 - 70 (50-300)

I've started supplementing my Vit B12 with Jarrow Methyl B12 5000 mcg. Will these help?

Thanks for answering my vast amount of questions.

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The Jarrow b12 is good yes. You can also get patches on Amazon that you stick on for 24hrs once a week.

Don't know much about the other things, so hopefully someone else will be along.

Hope you get some help & feel better soon xx


Patches and B12 tablets will work if you have good absorption and assimilation going on in the body. Any sign of gut disorders and I'm afraid levels will be affected. Also it's worth remembering that only about 20% of your result can be utilised at a cellular level - where it works. Hence the result needs to be high in the range.

Do hope you will soon feel better....


I wonder if you are not converting properly, so have unused T4 racing around in your blood and making you feel very ill. This happened to me and I then went on T3 only for many months to clear it. The way to know is for your endo to do blood tests for T4 and T3. If your T4 is very high and T3 is low or under range, chances are you are not converting well enough. Also how are your iron and ferritin levels. Mine were low and this exacerbates the problem. Hope he is a good endo and gives you lots of help.


Never been but have heard Dr D.F. is good.


You heard right


Hi Sharon, just sent you a PM about Derriford Endo.


Hi fixit, also been to Derriford. Please pm me too.


Thanks for all your very helpful replies.

Hennerton I did wonder if I was converting properly myself. The only bloods I've had done are

the ones I've mentioned plus the usual

TSH. - 5 (0.35-4.5)

Free T4 -13.3 (10.5-26)

I've had blood tests for parathyroid and bone today so I'm awaiting the results for those. I'll speak to my doctor, who's been very good so far!, about the ferritin and iron tests. I just want to get back to being me. That's the worst part, for 4/5 days I'm feeling like me and then I just seem to run out of power I hate it!


Your folate is too low

ferritin needs testing as likely thats low too

unless both are above halfway in their ranges your body cannot utilise thyroxine hence you get reverse t3 or a toxic state and why you crash

It takes several months of iron plus vit C to restore folate and ferritin levels


Have you ever had TPO antibody test?


Thanks really fed up and crimple for your replies. My doctor's told me that my levels are within range so there'll be no help from

there! Although I will say she's been good so far! Having read some of the stories on here there are a lot of ignorant, arrogant doctors around. Crimple, my TPO came back positive for antibodies and the ultrasound backed that up (autoimmune thyroiditis) I have asked at what level? But the doctor's said she doesn't get that info and to ask the endo (when I eventually get to see them!) once again, thank you to everybody who's taken the time out to reply to my questions. It means a lot.xx


If you have positive antibodies and a TSH of 5 you should be treated immediately according to the sacred 'guidelines'


Really bloody annoyed. Phoned up the endo dept at derriford yesterday to find they have no record of me so popped into my doctors this morning to ask them to chase it up. Just found out the appointments secretary is a bit behind (Try flippin almost two weeks!!!!) and she might be able to do my referral today. Well I totally lost it. Told the ladies behind the desk that it wasn't good enough and I'm at the end of my tether. I'm now going to have to wait however long to get into the system. I was so annoyed I ate half a packet of chocolate digestives!!


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