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blood results

Hi I seem to have quite a few thyroid symptoms so I went to my gp for a blood test

serum free t4 level = 14.1 pmol/l

serum tsh level = 4.79 mu/l high

serum ferritin = 33 ug/l

serum vitamin D = 24.5 nmol/l low

he said even though my thyroid is a little high he will not be putting me on life long meds based on these results

could anyone tell me if these results mean any thing

i am in the uk so gps dont test t3 is there any need to get private tests

thank you all for taking the time to reply

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When you give your blood test results, it is easier to comment if you also give the ranges (which are the figures in brackets as labs differ). Your TSH is getting high but GP's have been told not to prescribe until you reach 10, althoug some will do so if you have symptoms.

Did he not offer you some Vit D supplements as yours is low. I believe a number around 70 would be appropriate but someone will comment if I am wrong.

Low Vit D can also cause symptoms and this is a link


i was not given any ranges and i did not ask

next round of tests i will be sure to ask thanks for pointing this out

yes i was given vit d but i still feel **** sleeping non stop and full body aches


I think you would also benefit from an iron supplement as your ferritin, altthough probably in range is on the low side. People on here tend to aim for a result of between 70 - 90.

I would also ask for a thyroid antibodies test, as if this is positive, then your doctor may be more inclined to start you on thyroxine to "nip things in the bud" to quote Dr Toft (former president of the British Thyroid Association) and author of the useful little book "Understanding Thryoid Disorders". xx


I was not given any iron only vit d but i will look into buying some supplements my self

do gps do thyroid antibodies test willingly or do i have to argue with him i dont mind going private if that is what it takes thanks


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