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Blood test results, all clear apparently

Hi I posted up two weeks ago after a unsatisfactory gp apt , well I had blood test "for everything under the sun" according to the nurse and they have come back pretty much all clear according to the dr.Which leaves me bewildered as he basically said there is nothing wrong with me apart from high blood pressure .I cannot interpret results so any help would be appreciated

Serum TSH level ( XaELV) 1.4 mu/L (0.27 - 4.2)

Serum ferritin level (Xe 24r) 104 ug/l

Do you need any of the others?.What the hell is causing all these symptoms if I am all clear

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Hi Simon, if you could post details of all your tests that would be great, thank you.


Do you have FT4? Were antibodies tested?And is there a range for your ferritin?

The TSH looks okish but it might not be right for you. Everybody is different and ranges as you see are pretty big. Did you have your tests done early in the morning? I'm a believer of one test can't give a proper picture. My tsh for example has stayed within range and has gone up and down over the last 6 months. A lot of people also consider the tsh to be very unreliable so not always the best measure for thyroid problems. FT4 and FT3 are considered far more useful.

Finally never take their "normal" or "clear" as definitely the case. Sorry you are still feeling unwell.


Hi and thanks for the prompt replies it just says ferritin guide to interpretation <15 low, 16 to 40 borderline, 41 to 400 normal greater than 400 high , would that be it?,Test were done at 8.30 in morning, no mention of any FT4

There is a lot more results bu they are for glucose , urea and electrolytes, liver function, bone profile, serum lipid levels, reactive protein levels,I can post them if required but it will take me akong time as there is quite a few.Nobody told me to fast for this blood tests until I saw the nurse who asked and said I should of been told.However I had nothing to eat from the previous evening but had a large cappuccino before , she said that wouldn't make any difference.

Really cheesed of to say the least the only thing the dr said was eat smaller portions.I knew at that point I was on a hiding to nothing and could of cried, I just picked up my prescription and went.


I can totally understand you being cheesed off. It's not fun to be told you are fine when you feel far from it.

Your ferritin looks ok to me but I am sure others with more expertise will comment as I am not used to those ranges.

Lots of things haven't been tested that would be useful to have tested like B12, folate, vitamin D. A lot of your symptoms could be linked to deficiencies in those.

Your FT4 probably wasn't tested because your TSH was in range. Some labs unfortunately do that now or your gp might also think that tsh is the only one necessary. Antibodies are also very important. I have lots of your symptoms, "normal" tsh but high antibodies.

Maybe you could ask for these tests and if gp doesn't agree maybe do some private testing just to help you get a clearer picture?


If the ferritin range is 16 -400 then yours needs to be over 200 = halfway or you cannot utilise thyroxine /t4

and yes we do need a full copy of all your results to make sense of this

plus of course all your symptoms and is it possible you were ever bitten by a tick and have actually got Lyme Disease


Chiriro I was going to post something similar!

"All the tests under the sun" but not the sunshine vitamin D?

which if inadequate, can be an underlying cause of low mood, pain, tingling etc. If GP didn't/won't test - here's an NHS lab that will for £25

Tingling, nervy, wobbly sensations are also very common with low B12 too (& other B vits).

Another thing perhaps to consider & read up on is avoiding gluten.

If TSH is in range it is unlikely the lab will test FT4 (or FT3). You could also ask for TPO antibodies to be tested (an autoimmune test).

I too was offered antidepressants (for various reasons, tremor, insomnia ) and I'm sure they do help if you're actually depressed, I wasn't, just in pain. Hang in there. J :D


:D great minds think alike or shall I say great educated minds ;) have learnt a lot from reading your posts over the last few months so no surprise I am "spouting " the same info ;)


Thanks very much! It's nice to know I may have helped someone! :)

It took me a while to realise just how important vitamins & minerals are, and it's good to see folk being empowered to help themselves - I shall keep on 'spouting'! :D


Thanks, I think I need to go private, I am not imagining this, I am the classic bloke who doesn't go to the docs until I really need to, I am never ill good advice and thanks for your help it means a lot


You're very welcome. I know how great it feels to get the help on here so I am more than happy to help whenever I can. I'm still learning and still have to ask a lot of questions but gradually I feel that some of the info is sinking in and becoming second nature.

I think going private is a good idea if the gp is being so unsympathetic. I was told I was just depressed first, then told I had PMS and then recently that I had chronic fatigue syndrome and it turns out actually that I was right and they were wrong.

Keep us posted with any new developments :)


If you email who has a list of NHS Endos/private doctors. No need to waste your money on someone who as the same views as the BTA on diagnosis/treatment. Here is a link re interpretation of blood tests (not the one GP uses).


thanks will do so


Hi I will post them all when I get time tomorrow morning, I could of been bitten by a tick I live in rural north Yorkshire and walk the dog a lot up the hills and she has picked up the odd tick as there is lots about.Thanks


Have you another GP you can try? I swapped and I am very glad I did. My new one is really good, listens carefully, is never dismissive and is already getting me back on the road to recovery. I am hypothyroid but also have a VitD deficiency which has made me feel dreadful despite my TSH being ok.


Hi Simon do I feel sorry for you! I too have had symptoms that no one, has been able to diagnose for the last 16months, first of all i presented as having cancer, 4 months of continual tests, I put on 7 kgs in 1 week, unbeliveable spent the last year hardly eating anything because of huge bloating ( like nine months preg. The hospital here in NZ refused me any more test, I went to MP for health and he went to the commissioner of health for me, anyway they believe that it is all to do with having my gallbladder out 40 years ago and now my body has problems with bile and enzymes which digest our food, on meds and what a difference I am alive again, I was so ill in bed up to 18 hours a day with many of your symptoms, just wondering have you had gall bladder out? I think you have a form of depression which goes with being sick all the time, making us have no motivation, I am currently on a mild dose that just keeps me in a reasonable place without being drugged up, sertraline 1/2 morning and night. Please do not give up we should not have to live like this, see another doctor if necassary. keep in touch. Trish


To increase iron/ferritin, take ferrous fumerate 210mg a day with vit c not spatone.


Right here are the full results and symptoms that I have


Tingling/ slight pins and needles in hands and feet

Lots of pain in shoulders neck and lower back /pelvis area

Pains in elbows causing fingers to cramp , need to uncurl finger with other hand

Complete lack of interest in anything, no motivation or energy

Get tired after minimal exertion

Dry flaking skin on hands and elbows

Feel tired a lot

Memory problems, feel a bit like in a bubble forget what i am doing a lot


Feel bloated

Weight gain for no reason over a stone since xmas although have been gaining weight in short bursts all my life

Puffiness around eyes

Ear drum vibrates when listening to certain sounds


Mood swings cry at anything

Feet and hands and occasionally whole body feel cold

Breathlessness after minimum activity


No libido loss of sex drive and interest , cannot maintain erection

Bouts of clumsiness and poor coordination, usually lasts a day

Itchiness to skin and a feeling like I am being pricked with a pin felt “in “ the skin mostly arms and hands

Test results

Serum sodium level (xe2q0) 140mmo/L (133.0-146)

serum potassium level (xe2pz) 3.9 mmol/L(3.5 5.3)

Serum urea level (xmolt) 6.9 mmol/L (2.5 - 7.8)

Serum creatinine lelvel (xe2q5) 75 umol/l (50-120)

gfr >60 mL/min

liver function test (x77wp)

serum albumin level 45 gl (35-50)

serum protein 76 g/l (60-80)

bilirubin level 9 umol/l (,21)

alanine aminotransferase level above range 46u/l ( 1.0-40) outside range

alkaline phosphate level92 ul(30 =130)

gamma glutamyl transferase 64ul (<,70)

globulin level 31g/l (20-50)

Bone profile

serum cacium 2.44 mmol (2.2-2.6)

corrected serum calcium lelvel 2.36 (2,2 -2.6)

Lipid levels

cholesterol outside range 6.6 mmoi/l outside reference range

tryglceride 3.5

hdl cholesterol 1.4

calculated ldl cholesterol 3.54 mmol

total cholesterol hdl ratio 44pf 4.6

serum C reactive protein xainl less than 5mg/l

Full blood count (424) hb units are now g/l and not g/dl

total white xaldy 8.0 10*9/L (4-11)

haemoglobin concentrate xa96v 176g/l (130-180)

red blood cell count 426 5.76 10*12/L (4.5 -6.5)

haematocrit x76tb o.50L/L (0.4 - 0.54)

Mean cell volume 42a 87.4 (77 -98)

mean cell haemoglobinxe2pb 30.5 pg (27.5 - 32.5)

red cell distribution xe2mo 12.9% ( 10.9- 15.7)

platelet count observation 264 10*9(150 400)

neutrophil count42j 4.1 10*9l 2-7.5 percentage result 51.3%

lymphosate count42m 3.0 10*9(1.5 -4) result 37.5 %

monocyte count 0.5 10*9 (0.2 0.8) result 6.3%

eosinophil 0.2 10*9 (0.1 0.4) result 2.5%

basophil 0.1 10 9 (0.0 -0.2) result 1..3%

hypochromic cells 0.10% (0.0 5.0)

HBAC1Dcct 6.5-----7.5-----9-----------10-----12--------

good --------fair --------ppoor----------to high

ifcc 48---59-----75----86------------108

upper reference range dcct 6.1%

HbA!c (dcct aligned) (Xaerp) 5.3%

Haemaglobin A1c lvel ifcc standardised 34 mmol/mol

Plasma fasting glucose level

5.9 mmol/l ref range for glucose 2.2 -6.0 fasting

random 2.5 -11

serum TSH level 1.4 mu?>l (0.27 -4.2)

serum ferritin level 104 ugl

ferritin guide <15 low 16 to 40 borderline 41 to 400 normal greater than 400 high

erythrocyte sedimentation rate 2mm/ 1hr (1.0 -7.0)

Right that's the lot !!!! I have to say I am losing the will to live after typing that lot out lol


Yes those symptoms sound only too familiar to me (bar the erection problems lol but I had the female equivalent!)

They sound hypothyroid to me, maybe vitD deficiency too.

I really sympathise and to get a dismissive attitude from your practice must be devastating when you have plucked up the courage to got and get some help. I left mine. I got so ill I just gave up on even seeking help. It got so bad it nearly killed me. I eventually saw the doc after a medical friend encouraged me to go and it was just in the nick of time. I had degenerated into a terrible state. I feel mad that they are being so mean to you at the surgery when you taking a very sensible course of action. Good luck with getting sorted!


I have just been looking at vitamin B deficiencies and note that some proton pump inhibitor medicines can have a effect.i have been on lansoprazole 30mg for about 15 years now could this be a factor


Gosh, for 15 years? you are probably very hungry as you're not getting enough goodness from your food - acid is needed! Here's just one link re. magnesium - def get other nutrients checked too!

TUK vitamins/minerals - somewhere to start


Damn the more you look the more things it could be, just stumbled across Cushings syndrome, I do have the "stretch marks" that appeared but they where from sudden weight gain which has occurred on several occasions through out my life ,or at least I thought they where..God its a minefield


Morning all, if possible I would be very grateful if some of the more knowledgeable members could have a little look at my full blood test results is there anything untoward or wrong , many thanks


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