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Still experiencing symptoms from chronic fatigue, poor memory, unable to lose weight, difficulty concentrating on me

hi there I got my thyroid results on paper. The lab rejected the rt3 test saying its unavailable. here are the results serum lipids - serum cholesterol 4.9 normal range 0.0-5.0. seum triglycerides - 1.99 - normal range 0.00-2.30 serum HDL cholesterol level 1.13 normal range 0.90 -1.80 serum LDL cholesterol level 2.9 normal range 0.0 -3.0

total cholesterol HDL ratio =4.3.


SERUM TOTAL T3 LEVEL 1.6 normal range - 1.3-3.0

free t4 17.3 normal range 9.0-21.0

serum tsh level 5.65 normal range 0.20-5.00

Endocrinologist is daggling the T3 medication in my face but not giving it to me because the results are all "normal" and that its too risky!

any suggestions and tips?

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No, it's not risky, and your results aren't all 'normal' - whatever that is! TSH is over the range! And given that a 'euthyroid' person has a TSH of more or less 1.25, yours is way to high.

Are you on any thyroid replacment hormone? You don't say. If so, your TSH should be under 1. If you're not on any, then those 'normal' cholesterol numbers probably won't be 'normal' for long.

And why on earth did they do a total T3 and not a free? Doesn't give you any useful info. However, if the total is that low, the free would be even lower, I should imagine. Much too low.

What time was the cortisol done?

I don't know what you can do apart from asking for a second opinion. This endo doesn't know much about thyroid, obviously. Or, go private...

Hugs, Grey


The initial impression is one of simply not being on enough levothyroxine!

TSH over-range when being treated is bad. And FT4 is well below top of range so plenty of room for an increase.

Are there any reasons not simply to have a dose increase?


I am still learning about thyroid stuff....I am on 125mg of levothyroxine. I dont have the money to go private!!! I will be asking for a second opinion!


the cortisol test was done in the morning


Hi My endo says that the test you had for T3 is useless and that it has to be Free T3 test, I had the other one once, labs mistake and result normally, in fact then my FT3 very low.I have learnt from experience, never stay with any consultant you are not happy with. Ask for a new referral.

Best wishes,



I got t3 i got t3 and feeling a little bit weepy but feel so much better


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