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Re posted blood for help


I have repeated these results. Due to confusion on my last post. My previous post explain my wieght loss problem. Diet hard work and nothing. Can you see anything to help in these results.

Serum free tryodothyronine 4.2 (3.5-6.7)

Serum tsh 1.1 (0.3-5.5)

Hemoglobin Ac1 level 39 mmol (20.0-48.0)

Serum sodium 139 (134.0-145.0)

Serum potassium 4.2 (3.5-5.3)

Serum urea 4.8 (2.9-7.5)

Serum total protein 67 g/l (69.0-80.0)

Cholesterol 4.4 mol

Tryglcenide 4.1 (0.4-1.8)

Serum Hdl cholesterol 1.0 mmol

Cholesterol hdl ratio 4.4

Liver function

Alkaline 53 u/l (40.0-130)

Alanine 12 u/l (0.0-45.0)

Bilirubin 10 urology/l (0.0-21.0)

Albumin 42 g/l (35.0-52.0)

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"Tryglcenide 4.1 (0.4-1.8)"

What has your GP said about the hypertriglyceridemia (out of range high triglyceride level)? Are you known to be insulin resistant?.

I can't see either a serum or adjusted calcium level? Do you have any vitamin and mineral levels (with their reference ranges), please?

Also very low HDL cholesterol - not a good thing. Ever had cortisol or adrenals tested?

Apologies, I have to agree with cleo26 on your previous post and many others who have already commented on your previous posts. You are not eating enough and is showing in your blood tests as serum protein is already under range which can indicate malnutrition.

The recommended calorie level for a man is 2500 - but this the requirement for a man who is only 5foot10 and only moderately exercising. You are 6 foot 2 and doing quite a bit of exercise so you would require more but you are only eating 1200-1400 calories per day according to your previous posts.

See this link for recommended calorie requirements:

You are likely in starvation mode and probably putting a lot of stress on your adrenals which also messes with your sugar levels.

I am not surprised you are not able to shift the weight as your body will on purposefully try to slow your metabolism in this situation.

I imagine your vit levels are also low because of this which will just compound the situation but people have already suggested you get these tested?

Sorry to be blunt but you don't appear to want to take previous advice into account but I think most people will end up telling you the same thing.

You may also want to concentrate on what types of food you are eating and removing things like crap carbs, gluten and sugar?

Are you on T3 only? I tried to look through your previous posts, but it was very confusing.

If you're not on T3 only, where is the FT4 result? Your TSH is good-ish. But your FT3 is well below range, which won't help your weight-loss at all.

But, I second just about everyone else : stop dieting! You're making yourself worse. I wrote a long piece about that on someone else's thread, this morning.

Even if you're taking T3 only, you still have to convert that T3 to T2, and T2 to T1. So, you still need the calories. And, eating a limited calorie diet also limits your nutrients. :)

Hi thanks again. I am only talking Levo at this time. I have to see my doctor this week, she tells me all my test have come back normal.except triglycerides, she want to see me about this.

No mention from her about T3 being low, or malnutrition. Considering I put a kilo on this week. I am confused. My body mass is 31 which classes me as obese.

I am about to start a new diet on Monday. I will try it for a week, being dubbed the egg diet, it's all over the net, states 20 pound loss in two weeks. Went out and bought all the eggs and veg today. Will let you know how it goes.

Saggyuk in reply to Shon

Well I expect they'll just prescribe you statins and wave you away without actually discerning a cause - which come with their own side effects and are not great!

Just a few points that I know of:

Anyone can suffer malnutrition or deficiencies no matter how large they are. You have to eat the right amount of the right things to get what your body needs so you can still be low in everything even if you're obese and eat all the wrong foods. NHS definition of malnutrition is : Malnutrition is a serious condition that occurs when a person’s diet doesn't contain the right amount of nutrients.

Your triglycerides won't be helped by your low HDL cholesterol and because of your low calorie diet and partially because of issues with insulin resistance/blood sugar levels etc etc . HDL removes bad cholesterol and tryglycerides from your blood so low levels will be effecting your tryglycerides levels and you want HDL nearer 1.5 or above. With calorie restrictions, your body will also utilise tryglycerides and release them from adispose tissues to use for energy (or movement of energy) in times where it struggles to get energy from elsewhere. High tryglycerides are also an indication of poorly controlled blood sugars.

You can raise your HDL cholesterol by increasing good fats and protein like oily fish and taking out some of the crap fats and crap carbs/sugar which will also lower tryglycerides etc.

On top of that - you have already mentioned that you are very nearly diabetic - you should be concentrating on stabilising your blood sugar levels before this becomes irreversible and permanent. This alone will help you lose weight. Low calories can have the opposite effect as your adrenals will kick in and increase your blood sugar levels even higher. Removing crap carbs and sugar will help stabilise your blood sugars and help to reduce tryglycerides at the same time but only if you are still eating enough in regards to everything else. Why don't you get a blood sugar monitor and look at these in more depth? Your adrenals are not designed to deal with this for prolonged periods so you will have issues with these at some point in the future too.

Furthermore, other indicators like your alkaline phosphotase is less than optimal and on the low side - this enzyme relies on having enough protein which is under range. Higher or more optimal alkaline is actually protective against diabeties so you can't afford for this to get much lower.

Your T3 levels are too low and you will find it very difficult to lose weight as your body is actively doing this and lowering your metabolism on purpose due to the prolonged low calories. Plus you need carbs - just the right ones.

Having just had a quick google, even most the pro low calorie diet websites I've seen mentions that it is dangerous for men to go under 1500 calories a day and need at least 1800 if active and exercising and to not do very low calorie for more than 12 weeks so you have obviously ignored these warnings. Plus all of these mention you must have a high consumption of good protein at the same time and be careful to meet all your nutritional requirements. Your serum protein is low suggesting you have not been doing so. And those with metabolic/endocrine issues shouldn't really be messing around with it further.

In regards to the egg diet, this is further restricting you nutritionally and even most of these websites raging on about the egg diet include other protein daily like fish and chicken so I'm hoping you don't mean to eat just eggs all day?

It would be better for you to concentrate on resolving the issues you are already aware of - diabeties/blood sugar level issues, low hdl cholestorol, likely adrenal issues, low T3, low protein (as clearly shown in your bloods as under range) and likely other nutritional deficiencies - you really need to get these checked as already suggested as you are very likely low - B12, Folate, Iron/Ferritin and Vit D. You should ask the docs to get these done and explain you've been on a very low calorie diet for six months and want to know if okay.

Maybe you should take some time out to read up on some of these things before continuing down the same path - which clearly isn't working. I'm not suggesting you shouldn't reduce calories a little - just not to this extent. A man of your size needs more than 2500 calories per day so you should be reducing by 500 calories at the most and around 2000 calories. And most importantly ensuring you meet all your nutritional requirements at the same time and are not deficient in anything. This way you're less likely to fall into all the traps of low calorie dieting?

I don't know how the whole system works in regards to these issues so am no expert but these were just little bits I've picked up here and there which seemed to relate to your situation.

Maybe have a read through some of these easy to read sites to get you started:

Shon in reply to Saggyuk

Thank you so much for this in depth reply, I will certainly take all of this In Mind. And try to balance my diet to a better range.

Thanks so much


Saggyuk in reply to Shon

Hi Shon

Apologies, I really didn't mean to come across as a lecture :-/ I could just see you were so frustrated with it and thought it might help you work out the issues.

THe low calorie diet might have even been good to give you a jump start at the beginning, it's just not something you can do long-term as your body will start to work against you. You now need to shift to a way where you won't be working against yourself, whilst helping your sugar levels and cholesterol issues and yes, it may only be one pound a week but it will be slow but certain.

But you still should be proud of yourself as you did the hardest things. Giving up 20 cans of beer per week is no small feat and the exercise is really good - I still can't force myself to do much of this lol!

If you want an easy way to track your vitamins and micro-nutrients in whatever you chose to do, you can try a site called cronometer which tracks everything down to the smallest things you need and takes into account your height etc. It's takes a few days to set up and get going with it but it's quick and easy after that point. It will at least point out any major gaps in your nutritional intake and also point out anything you're getting too much of.

Good luck :-)

Shon in reply to Saggyuk

Thanks again. Have made notes and will challenge my doctor with the main points you made from my test results tomorrow. I am sure she will want to increase my statins. Really don't understand with all the efforts I have made, that trygliserides have gone up so much. Just had my gallbladder removed so maybe that's something to do with it. I was told at the scan for that, I had a slight fatty liver, in line really with my age.

Not sure it's worth seeing her again. I asked her to check reverse T3s which she has not done, so now my test have come back " as normal range" when I challenge that they dismiss me as trouble some.


Hi Shon,

I was diagnosed with Greaves about three years ago and my endocrinologist got me back on track twice with carbimazole. I have also had debilitating pain in my wrists, hips and shoulders and have just been diagnosed with Poly Myalgia Rhumatica which is also an autoimmune disorder. I had just about given up but have been placed on steroids. The pain relief was almost instant..I can’t believe it! I have been in so much pain for so long and have been unable to do simple tasks like washing my hair. Your symptoms sound very similar. It may be worth mentioning Myalgia to your doctor.

I hope this helps.


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