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UAT and vitamin D deficiency

About 9 months ago my doctor told me my uat was being over medicated according to the new guidelines and since then I have been slowly going downhill. I never was able to find out anymore about the guidlines and in the end forgot about it- no surprise there lol!

2 weeks ago I went to see him about the possibility that I might have fibromyalgia because of the increasing and immense pain I am now in, falling asleep when I sat for too long, muscle weakness and other things. He said I could well have it but that there was no definitive test for it. There were however other things that needed to be ruled out and sent me for a mass of blood tests that seemed to cover everything bar standing on my head! The last of them have come back. My thyroid seems to be in line with most of the recommended levels I've seen on here but it turns out I am seriously Vitamin D deficient, to the extent of being called into the surgery to get a prescription to take 4 capsules a day for the next 2 months and cod liver oil and 2 glasses of milk a day. The symptoms are pretty much the same as an undertreated thyroid and so I must have been trying to 'cure' it by thinking that that was my problem. He said that I will feel like a 22 year old when I'm upto par but that its not a quick fix and will take a few months but, as I'm 58, if he can make me feel 22 I'll buy him flowers lol!

I'm telling you this because its only a simple blood test but many people go undiagnosed, and its not my diet or lack of sunshine because I've always been on top of that, but there isn't enough decent sunlight in our area of the world (Britain) and as we get older we absorb less anyway.... So next time you get your regular blood test maybe ask for vitamin D to be checked as well- it may be fine or not but it wouldn't hurt, and it may make a big difference to how well you can feel? Cx

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That's brilliant news that you are getting treated! You must be very relieved.

Thanks for bringing this subject of vitamin D deficiency to the fore again. So many people, including doctors, are not aware how common this is, or what the effects are. It is definitely worth getting tested if you are not feeling up to par.

I hope you do start to feel like a 22 year old again. If you do, I want the name of your doctor! :D

Take care

Carolyn x


OK I promise!! Cx



Wow it would be brill to feel like a 22 year old again. I am 66 can I come and see your GP, he sounds a fabulous chap. Ha ha. Good luck, I hope you are better soon. x


Hi same problem here I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia many years ago and had a reasonable time with it in recent years and my thyroid results recently have been mostly ok. I started to get Fibro symptoms again luckily new Dr had a vit D test done and I am severely deficient and now on tablets.I was blaming my constant tiredness as down to my under activeThyroid


Hi Yes vit D very important as hormonal. It must be prescribed if possible and after a calcium test. Calcium must always be in range as an electrolyte. It is usually increased after 3 monthly tests for both until the D is in range and calcium stays in range. it is really an endo`s field , no other consultant allowed to prescribe it, protocol. However a GP will but not usually prescribe above the low recommended dose from NICE. On instructions from an endo they can. I was on 3 times the recommended dose. however I now cannot take any, very low D. My calcium went above range, too dangerous. as an electrolyte , if D very bad, I ( and other people ) get osteomalacia, adult rickets. it is horrible, only treatment is D ( which I cannot have). osteomalacia is very obvious and symptoms quite unique.

best wishes,



Can I just give some up to date information about Calcium. If you are on high doses of Vitamin D3 (MenaQ7 variety) and you are taking extra Calcium either by supplement or by taking extra daiiry, the new thinking now is that you must take a Vitamin K2 supplement. (See The Calcium Paradox) by Dr Rheume-Bleau). If you take extra Calcium it can be laid down in the wrong places like making plaques in your arteries and other no good places leaving your bones still weaker than they should be because the Calcium is not being absorbed into the bones. If you take K2 then it removes the Calcium from where it shouldn't be and puts it into the bones where it should be. You have to make sure you take the right amount (high enough dose) or it doesn't work. If you type Vitamin K2 in on Google you will find lot's of information about this. Make sure it's the current information though.


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