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I am 22 and have suffered with sweating, hair loss, weight gain, extreme tiredness, tinnitus and twitching eyes but dr says not hypothyroid

I have visited a kinesiologist who says I most definitely have a thyroid problem and she has treated me with zinc and iodine supplements saying that my body needed both. I was well for a good while and even trained and ran a marathron although it was tough I was determined but just lately my condition has worsened again and I am not sure where to go now. Does anyone have any ideas please

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Hi Jujo

I am sorry you are feeling unwell. If you get a copy of your thyroid gland blood tests from your surgery, complete with the ranges (figures in brackets) as labs throughout the country differ and it makes it easier for people to comment.

Also, if your GP hasn't tested your B12 and VitD ask him to do so, as sometimes the symptoms are similar. Include also, ferritin, folate and iron.

Pleas post the results in a new question.

We look forward to receiving your results.


Hi Make sure you have had TSH, T4 and especially free T3 tested for a proper diagnosis. You need results and ranges as vary considerably. If not and GP not helpful. Can you pay for them, the intermediate test through TUK ,bloods. Blue horizon, quote TUK 10 and it cost £61. All do it your self. Simple . Well known Lab so if "out" take them to any doc and they should treat you. Also of course the other bloods if possible as Shaw says and more listed on the TUK site.

Best wishes,



Hi Jujo, did your kinesiologist test your iodine levels before giving you the supplements? Or is she one of those that things all thyroid problems need iodine regardless? Are you still taking them?



Hi Grey she was absolutely great and tested everything initially my body was looking for zinc and then it was looking for iodine too and finally just zinc again. Shr established that i had build up of chemicals in my body (i used to be a dm at a leisure centre but left when I has asthma attacks which my gp hought were caused by chemicals in the pool) i have also noticed this week that i have several bruises on my body nit sure if this is related. To be honest it is all getting me down a bit now


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