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I'm struggling with a form of autoimmune hypothyroid disorder and I can't gain any weight, what is wrong with me?

I'm against medication, and the usual extracted thyroid medication, because I've heard and have seen many many bad issues with this kind of treatment, it doesn't completely fix the problem and you become dependent to the drugs. I stay mainly on an all organic diet, non gmo, fats and carbs, no gluten as I've read on globalhealingcenter it's destructive toward thyroid and I used to self treat myself with iodine from Infowars health store. My diet before I was raised on regular American food, McDonald's, dominoes, fastfood, cheaply processed grain and noodles, ramen noodles, all of this is extremely bad and I've found it can aggressively destroy your thyroid and immune health as body is not absorbing the right nutrients. Also the fluoride dumped in our water supply as well as the other known dangerous toxins in our water the air and our food can all systematically shut your body systems down. I've been on this organic cleanse for a year or so. Oh yeah and I used to take the thyroid medication which at a low dose 25 cut in half synthroid my thyroid would switch because of sensitivity from hypo to hyper I was diagnosed at 16. I didn't stop completely taking the medication till I was 19. I was scared and my brain fog and mindlessness wouldn't go away that's why I stopped taking the drugs.

My thyroid measurements last were tsh over 10 and my t3 and t4 were in the normal range. My autobodies were over 200 or so. I think my antibodies are attacking my thyroid making it work harder...not good. Please help. My thyroid is overworking to stay energized well-thought and happy except for a couple focusing anxieties probably caused by my thyroid. I just have a minor goiter under control. Please help. That picture down below is actually an older assessment. My newer one though I'm pretty sure the results were as I said, but if I only I provided more detail. I'll just have to find it.

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Hi - a quick response as I'm not feeling too good tonight so can't concentrate much (been having migraine problems) but I would say one thing - if you're hypothyroid then you NEED replacement thyroid hormones and it's no wonder you feel ill without them. It isn't medicine, it's a replacement for the thyroid hormones you can't make so you will be very ill without replacing those hormones.

If you don't like synthetic thyroid hormones have you tried NDT - ie. the more "natural" option?

I'm sure there will be someone along soon who can understand your test results and explain things to you much better than I can, but in the meantime just remember - this isn't medicine, it's a replacement for the thyroid hormones our bodies can't make.

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People who have been on synthetic medication will soon have their thyroid removed and there are technicalities as well. Emotional problems. Maybe they give you too high of a dose and they have to keep correcting the dosage because your thyroid keeps changing. It's not a correct way of treating it in my case. I cannot afford to lose my thyroid. I've heard some more intelligent resourceful not textbook doctors will diagnose you with an iodine and selenium test because those two together create miraculous results in curing the thyroid.


always good to check your Vitamin D levels as if low will cause inflammation, also your B12 and Iron, as if our Iron is low your thyroid can't uptake the medication. Some of us are on natural desiccated thyroid which works very well. Please note that this is a very well run forum where people freely give up their time to help others, I administrate a different forum, and it is correct that personal details including emails addresses are not permitted for obvious reasons, ie keeping individuals safe on the internet. MaryF


First of all... Please remove your picture from your post. The only bit that is readable is your name and date of birth, and personal details should not be posted on the forum.

To edit your post, click on the v in a small square box beneath your post, then click on Edit. Then delete the link to your picture, edit the text to tell us your results, and click on Post again.

Alternatively, just delete your entire post, and start afresh.

Welcome to the forum. :)


And excuse me, I added that picture for an extremely good reason.


Excuse me, but your full name and date of birth were visible so I've deleted the image. TSH and FT4 results weren't readable. Either re-scan or re-upload the image so results are readable or type them manually.


Of course this site is full of knowledgeable people . Be assured you will get help xxxx.


Hi mellojello I have been on thyroxine for over twenty years now and a high dosage. I'm not going to be or can see me having to have my thyroid removed. I wish it was as simple as changing diet etc I will certainly look up iodine and selenium to cure the thyroid and what is said.


Welcome to our forum,

First thing I will say that you have an Autoimmune Thyroid Disease called Hashimoto's due to you having antibodies. These attack your gland and they can be reduced by going gluten free but you will become permanently hypothyroid.

When hypothyroid we get replacement hormones (not drugs). We die if we don't take replacement hormones, neither are thyroid glands removed unless the person has thyroid cancer. If you don't provide your body with hormones you will become extremely ill as these hormones enable us to function on a daily basis. It will put great strain on our heart in particular if low on hormones, our brains contain the most receptor cells.

If you are talking about Natural Dessicated Thyroid hormone replacements, these are 'natural' as made from pigs or cows thyroid glands and have been in use since 1892. With the result that people didn't die a terrible death but had good health and had a good life.

Nowadays doctors prescribe a synthetic hormone, levothyroxine. Many get their health back with this but others don't. Just like some people cannot take certain foods.

You have freedom to choose - If you do not take replacement hormones you have to take the serious consequence of doing so. It's up to you.


Unsure why you posted when your not prepared to listen to good advice from lovely thoughtful people who give up their time to post answers they have been there done it got the T shirt


Please seek proper medical advice! as I'm sure you are aware, there are a lot of so called 'experts' on the interwebs who will try to convince the sick and vulnerable that they can be cured. Your thyroid glad isn't going to to get better, what ever diet you follow. You need Levo/NDT, to replace the hormone your body can't make, and you probably need iron, vitamin B etc. And don't be arsey with people who are trying to help you!


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