Weight gain that I can't shift, tiredness, dry skin, hair falling out, joint pains, recurrent illness and infections....could I have hypo?

Hi I'm 27 years old, used to be super fit and slim but over the past few years I have gained over three stone without changing my diet. I have tried dieting but my weight stays the same/I get heavier. I am exhausted all the time, have a severe lack of motivation at times, depression and I suffer from anxiety disorder. I have been getting recurrent throat infections/swollen glands for years, kidney infections/upper UTI's. I had unbearably heavy periods for years until I got the implant which has thankfully almost stopped my periods completely. In the winter I am extremely sensitive to the cold, my hands seize up and fingers go numb. I have extremely dry hands uncomfortable hands, deep muscle/joint pain in my elbows and hands. My hair falls out in huge clumps in the shower and is always blocking the plug hole. I have almost lost half of my left eyebrow. I get hot flushes and sweaty whenever I exert myself. My grandfather suffered from an underactive thyroid. I am getting blood tests to check my thyroid next week and I'm feeling a bit anxious about it.

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  • It looks very much like it. Although it is not nice to think that you have an under-active thyroid at least if you can get a diagnosis you will know the reason for the way you have been feeling and can get the medication that you require.

    Good luck with the blood tests and keep posting on this forum as everyone is so supportive.

  • Thank you Mouse. I just haven't been feeling right for a very long time now and everyone always says it's simply stress that's causing all these symptoms. Stress may be causing some symptoms but I'm stressed because I have gained weight, keep getting ill and have no motivation or energy to keep on top of my daily tasks. It's so frustrating when you have known there is something wrong for such a long time but there has been no answer. I only found out recently that my grandad had hypothyroidism so I mentioned it to my doctor. It seems like I have all the symptoms and some of the more rare symptoms too. I'm just hoping to find the right treatment for whatever is going on.

  • Always get copies of your blood test results complete with the ranges (labs differ for ranges). You can then post them on a new question when you get them and someone will comment.

    It does sound like hypo symptoms. Also ask for Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, iron, ferritin and folate to be done.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • Thank you for the advice. I will definitely do that.

    I've got a horrible achy pain in my elbow as I type, similar to what I imagine arthritic pains are like :-/ Exhausted too, can hardly keep my eyes open. I hope it's not going to take ages to get the results back!

    If it turns out I do have hypo how long does it generally take to start to feel better through medication?

  • Regarding medication, it all depends. If you have low TSH, usually patients get on fine with levothyroxine as they may have a mild case. Levo is what we are prescribed. If you have a high TSH, you get gradual increments of levo until your TSH reduces. Hopefully, when you reach your optimum dose you will feel so much better.

  • aimee, the symptoms do sound as though you are hypo so you might be interested in reading this as you begin your journey. stopthethyroidmadness.com/m... Let's hope your GP will take your symptoms into account along with your blood tests. When your TSH is high, it is easy for a doctor to start you on Levothyroxine but after you begin treatment, they have to track your progress until you find the right dose.

    On another note, from what you've said about infections, your vitamin d level may be very low. In the northern hemisphere it is difficult to get enough sun to keep your levels up and it is a very important vitamin and not expensive so consider a vitamin D3 with K2 supplement.

  • Hi Heloise. I had my blood tests done a couple of days ago now so I should have my Thyroid test results back within 10 days. Thank you for the link and advice on Vitamin supplements, I will definitely look into this. I will let you know how I get on.

  • vitamindwiki.com/tiki-index... some insights for you.

  • Over the past couple of weeks I have started to develop quite severe tremor throughout my whole body. The trembling is particularly bad in my arms, hands and head. I've got a horrible juddering feeling all the time and twitching of muscles. Is this another sign of possible hypothyroidism? It's awful. Paired with the deep joint pain I'm really struggling to type, do work and carry out normal daily tasks.

  • Some say this can be an adrenal rush as it tries to compensate for lack of thyroid but unfortunately this is all speculation since we can't get doctors to explain it for us. You are definitely getting symptoms of something.

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