Hi, I have not been diagnosed as hypothyroid. My Doctor says I am borderline. MY TSH is 5.26 and free T4 is 12.0. What do you think?

I have been following other messages on this site for a few months now but I thought maybe I'm a hypochondriac. I am not in the same state as others on the site but I have a lot of the symptoms. My son and brother are also hypo.

I am putting on so much weight and I am unable to walk much because of arthritis in my feet - I feel so miserable because I was always fit and going to the gym. I am 60 and just seemed to got downhill after a hysterectomy 8 years ago.

Maybe it is my age or menopause symptoms but I'm being treated for depression.

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  • I would call a TSH of 5.2 hypothyroid not borderline, your not a hypochondriac and your not depressed and its not the menopause. You're hypothyroid the symptoms you are describing scream it and it runs in the family duh! Go back to the docs and ask for a trial of levotyroxine (you have to be a little diplomatic), it will make all the difference.

  • Thank you. I will do that.

  • MCoates is absolutely right. Diplomacy first, obviously. Failing that you can use my approach - not recommended and not intended at the time - I totally lost it with him. Depression does that to a gal. He prescribed thyroxine to shut me up and get rid of me.

  • Thanks. How long before you saw an improvement?

  • Because your over 50 you might be started on a low dose usually 25 or 50 mcgs. I didn't see an improvement until I was on 75 mcgs. My TSH was just under 7 when I started my treatment, and it takes about 6 weeks before they re-test.

  • Thanks Yana

  • I started to notice changes within a few weeks. I raised after 8 weeks, I think it was. It's a slow process. I believe that T4 takes around 6 weeks to build up in the body before you can be sure of the effect of a particular dosage level.

    Do make sure you get the usual "other" tests done too - such as iron, ferritin, folate, Vit D and Vit B12. I supplement with D and B12.

    My main problem is actually adrenals, so it wasn't till I started supporting them that I saw major improvements.

  • Thanks. That's very helpful.

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