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Does stress increase TSH levels?

I am undergoing a huge amount of stress at the moment - elderly mother ill and husband having chemo. I am feeling very anxious and also becoing more and more tired. It could be a reaction but I have booked blood-test for next week to check thyroid levels. Has anyone else noticed a difference in levels due to stress/illness? My blood results will be interesting.

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At the end of 2011, I went through a very stressful period at work and I crashed my car. After a routine blood test for TSH, it had shot up dramatically and my Dr rang me at home informing me I needed to increase my dose asap. I have often wondered myself if the stress was a direct factor in the TSH increase.


Yes, definitely. My blood test results usually reflect stress and illness.It is good that you have booked a blood test although sometimes it does not show up immediately for me. I really hope you find the strength to look after your family-very worrying for you.Hugs x


Hi, I have felt even worse/stressed in the last 3 months after returning to work after surgery. I asked for bloods to be done and they came back with substantially raised TSH. Unfortunately an ongoing problem is that I'm still within this ridiculous 'range' but not well at all.

Good luck.x


Most definitely, Jax and very sorry to hear why you are stressed. People say to relax but easier said than done..... it actually is possible to relieve the "flight or fight response". The brain dictates everything so that is where you need to resolve this. In fact, both your mother and husband should begin this practice. You can cultivate a relaxation response with many approaches. The simplest one is to sit or lie quietly and count during breathing but you can use brainwave tapes with binaural beats. Once you achieve the response and it may take 15 or 20 minutes, you will notice a rise in temperature, possible twitching from release of tension, or even go to sleep but try not to. This is a proven theory but it does take time and effort but worth it if your health is at stake. Dr. Herbert Benson is the leading author of this concept.


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