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Does menstruation affect tsh levels?


Sorry if this is a silly question but I need to do my blood test tomorrow AM as my OH who does it for me is on a late shift. It will be 6 weeks 5 days since my last increase so not as long as I'd like to leave it but if I wait till next week I'd run out of medication by the time I can get to the drs. Anyway it's time of the month and I was just wondering if this affects it at all? I've read that some drs ask women to do it after ovulation but I think it's more from a fertility point of view? If my tsh will be lower during this time I'd rather wait the week than have my meds reduced. Thanks :)

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I have always felt if my body slowed during my periods, I had a Total thyroidectomy so after I could tell as felt over medicated during that week/10 days then I would bounce back up ,I did mess up my medication a few times ,I would go mid month when you feel ok.


Thanks for your reply sweetart. Sorry it's been a long day do you mean your body slowed so you felt more hypo during your period? Or over medicated so you felt more hyper? I'm hoping for another increase so if it does affect it, i want to do it when my tsh will be higher :)


When I had thyroid I used to get horrendous pmt irritability,depression for 7/10 days,I always swore that it was because my body slowed over that week ,after I had my thyroid out I could tell by the symptoms that it did slow ,during my period week I went over medicated or hyper symptoms, ratty irratable,paranoid, where my medication(levo) stayed fixed but body slowed, then it would lift back into 'normal'range,I messed up my medication ,because some of the period weeks dipped lower than others and I tried to compensate by taking more levo to bounce back to normal quicker but levo doesn't work like that and I got in a horrible mess.

If you feel hypo then period week will slow you again making your Tsh higher,(in theory) there is only one way to find out😊

I write all my results out and put a star next to them if it's period week.

Good luck


This will the be first one I've had during period week so ye I guess there's only one way to find out then I'll know for future :)

Thanks. Sorry to hear that you got in aess with meds hope you're sorted now x


Sorry answer was a bit long winded I was a bit delirious with the heat !

The short answer is yes but it's so minimal it wouldn't affect your dose change x

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