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So frustrated - dad in hospital - Vitamin D test

NHS system is a total shambles...... My dad is in hospital and I requested one of the nursing team to ask GP to get dad's Vitamin D test done as his levels were low last year and I found his tablets in cupboard whilst cleaning them out so looks as if he hasn't been taking them. I did ask last year if they could be added to his blister pack but was told NO!!

So I rang last week to get result and I was told that it hadn't been done and I can't request nurse to do test and I should call Mintlaw Surgery. So I called surgery and told them that dad was in hospital and I would like his GP to arrange a Vitamin D test. Receptionist asked can your dad make it to surgery and I said NO he is in hospital and she replied so why are you ringing surgery. So I explained that I had asked one of the nurses at hospital to ask GP to do test.............. aaaargh.......... losing the will to live. She said she would speak to GP.

GP called and left message to say that he had checked dad's notes and yes his Vitamin D level was low and that he would get a blood test done on Mon 18th. Asked tonight what dad's Vit D result was and told that they only do Vit D tests once a year and because dad had his last test in Aug 2012 they wouldn't do it....... WTF ...... so someone of nearly 86 years of age who has forgotten to take his meds doesn't get checked at least every 3 months............ Just fired off another email to GP........

My brother got a call from hospital yesterday to ask if it was ok to do a brain scan on dad to check for alzheimers!!! So they can do a brain scan but NOT a simple Vit D test. My dad's symptoms....... early signs of alzheimers, falls, cognitive impairment, postural problems, irratibility, muscle / joint pain........ all symptoms of low Vit D. I honestly feel very sorry for elderly people who have no one to fight their corner!!!!

My dad and myself have underactive thyroid......... I also have PBC...... and all this stress doesn't help me....... I just get more stressed!! x

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((((hugs)))) Thats the shocking state of the NHS for you xxx

It took 3 attempts from the endo to the lab to get my vit D checked, the first 2 times it was REFUSED as not enough clinical detail was on the request form!!! The third time he put clinical detail that looked like a chapter of War and Peace!!

The labs are a law to themselves, I think if its requested it should be done!

Ann xxx


Hi Silvers

I can relate to your frustration, GP won't test my 88 yr old mum either, or for B12. (or me - but I got a pinprick private vitd test - NHS lab) it seems a vitamin deficiency is ignored in preference to something more sinister perhaps/only treatable by meds, even 'tho everything is always a matter of elimination. The mentality, in my humble opinion, is you are diseased first, label it, take meds - not find the actual cause & treat accordingly. Deficiency is a thing of the past? (not in my case anyway).

Well done for fighting his corner, please keep trying (hugs) Jane xx

btw - I give mum vit D drops (which she accepts as a version of 'old fashioned' cod liver oil - which it is!) she no longer complains about her joints hurting, but sadly she is still forgetful :(


Hi, I go into hospital very month or so. NHS is a shambles, my consultants and I know that you have to keep your wits about you. Some hospitals much better than others.However as I am sometime in a coma and only go in when in extremis not easy.Neither easy if old etc. I take all my notes in from my Pc as I am very complicated, I also, on instruction take an idiot; simple card for junior docs. However, some are good. Regarding a vit D test, it is normally tested 3 monthly together with calcium ( it can make calcium go too high which is dangerous) it is then increased until correct level. Then, annual tests. You can pay for an extra test TUK, bloods, very easy. However regarding in patient, it is best always to speak to the senior doc treating your father. All tests have to be authorised by a doctor. In my best hospital, where I am meant to go, I tell the juniors what blood tests I need and they do them and I have the results with ranges. I do my own drugs as cannot trust any one else, so complicated and crucial for me. That is the exception and rightly so.I hope that gives you some ideas. generally speaking if go into hospital with one condition usually looked after correctly. Best wishes for your father and family.



The lab here only tests Vit D once a year, unless a consultant requests it, on the basis that it is a very safe supplement. This caused delays in my treatment and was one of the things about which I raised a formal complaint.

I agree, the NHS is very good in an emergency, but day to day it is a total shambles and they seem unable to correct it.



Please make sure that your Dad has a T3 test done in the hospital.Lack of T3 can cause altzheimer-like symptoms.My father had this problem big time when he was an old man.


If you can't get them to do the Vit D test you could always buy the cityassays? £25 fingerprick one available privately (but ironically processed by an NHS lab I think) and do that yourself if your dad is happy for that to be done.


My husband has been ill for years. I have been trying to find out how to cure him. I requested a Vitamin D test with his doc. He agreed, no problem. Results came back he is seriously depleted. His doctor then prescribed vitamins tablets. The next day he said cancel that and get Alfacalcidol. Then re-test in one month.

Now, firstly GP,s are not trained in vitamins and minerals as they are trained by the Pharmaceteuticals. So they don't have a clue. (A few do if they are interested in that field).

The trouble is if you don't have the right vitamins and minerals your body cannot function properly.

However,, this may not be the end of the story, as I am puzzled to his lack of vitamin D especially when he is outdoors alot and eats quite a bit of cheese.

I am wondering if there is another issue i.e kidney or liver not converting.

We shall see what this medication does in one month. It takes 2 weeks for the results to come back though.

I hope you father manages to get his correct treatment and tests done to improve his health.

You really have to be on top of it all My husband had surgery 14th Feb hospital sent us home with lots of paperwork. I was thrown into confusion as the sheet they told me about with his meds I had to follow precisely, which I did. but the next day i found another sheet that gave different instructions. I contacted the hospital immediately, spoke the the anethatist in surgery, she apologised for the mix up. Thank God I did not see that sheet as I would have given him 150mg of Aspirin which could have resulted in him bleeding from the spine and dangerous as he had just had an epidural for an op. Scary. I was.


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