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Why do i have a pain in my neck?

Has only come on today but my throat started to feel strange this afternoon - a cross between sore, slighly painful and almost as if i have something stuck.

I cant see a lump in my neck or the start of a goitre and it doesnt hurt when i swallow it just feels strange?

I have an underactive thyroid and am currently on 50mcg of levo having been on higher doses previously. In the last 3 days i have increased my dose to 62mg as i felt like 50 mcg was too low. Could that be the cause as the additional levo is starting to work or something?

Do i need to go to my doctor?

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If you are worried at all, make an appointment.

Nothing is springing to mind that this could be caused by the increase, but I am not medically trained.




Hi I agree. It might be a good idea to request an ultrasound of the thyroid. It is always best to have medical advice when anything is troubling you as they may not be very good ,but at least they have had plenty of training!



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