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Why do u have underactive thyroid?


Hi All ..

a few months ago I got a blood test result sating TSH 5.5 .. so, my gp upped my dose from 125mcg to 150mcg levo per day ..

it seems to have done the trick .. my TSH from blood test by medichecks says 0.5 now.. so awesome .. BUT ..

The medichecks doctor interpreting my results said

"I am also pleased to report that your thyroid hormones are normal as are your thyroid antibodies revealing no evidence of autoimmune thyroid disease"

so.. I always presumed or thought I had some autoimmune.. cant remember where I got the idea from .. but I have had this for 25 years or so .. so - back in the day.

I understand (correct me if im wrong) around 90% of people with underactive thyroid have hashimotos? so I am in the 10% ? So .. why do other people have underactive thyroid please? Is this something I can find out?

Also .. my notes said "Your folate is towards the lower end of normal. I recommend increasing your intake of folate rich foods such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, asparagus, peas, chickpeas and brown rice. " - I have bought a supplement from amazon of bvitamins with folate ..


that ok you think?

Other than that .. U think things r looking good? I do have some other health issues, so its a great relief all this seems to have come back looking good.

Cheers all


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You would have to look back in your notes to find out if you had thyroid antibodies when you were first diagnosed. Perhaps the disease has now totally destroyed thyroid tissue and the antibodies have burned out or it could be that you simply have a failing thyroid without autoimmune disease.

Methylfolate is the most absorbable form of folate. Vitamin D levels are good.

Your TPO antibodies are 33.9. The top of the range is 34. Do you really think it is possible that at 33.9 you don't have Hashi's, and at 0.1 more, you suddenly, magically do have Hashi's? Because I don't. Antibodies fluctuate all the time. You don't know if 33.9 is the highest they get or the lowest they get. The odds are that from time to time your antibodies are well over 34. So, I think it's logical to assume that you do have Hashi's, and act accordingly. :)

Thank you for this reply greygoose.. it makes sense what u r saying ... feels like a bit of an automated response from medichecks then.. if it was 1 point higher my blurb would have been different.

Thank u for highlighting.

Oh, it is an automated response - just like all NHS responses. There's no rhyme or reason or science behind it. No-one in the NHS actually thinks about things anymore. These medichecks 'blurbs' are really not worth having. You'll get a more intelligent analysis on here. :)

I agree

Both folate and B12 are poor. Rather than just upping your veg intake, I'd ask for testing for pernicious anaemia. You shouldn't take a folate supplement until that test has been done as it can mask problems with B12. I have secondary hypo but I don't really know why. Lots of head and neck injuries in my life, plus genetic defects in TRH receptors and TSH signalling.

Thank u so much for this ... I do have existing conditions that can cause this deficiency. And I am surprised at the amount of symptoms too after reading. Thank u for highlighting.. I am not supplementing now till seen doc. .. there's the tough part..

Thank u

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