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Coconut Oil

Hi Guys, It's been a while! Have been a busy bee!

Haven't time to check through to see if this topic has already been covered, so apologies if it has!! But has anyone been trying the apparent 'miracle' that is coconut oil? I've read reviews that it can be very good for the thyroid gland & hey anything that claims that i'll try! So i have bought my massive pot, tried it yest, not nice to eat raw i must say :p but did cook some mushrooms in it & they were delish!

Just wondering if anyone has tried, had positive/negative effects? And also how people are using it? It smells delicious, but is like eating lard with no taste!!! mmmmmm :/

Any comments would be great :)

Thanks & healthy thyroid wishes to you all!!


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Hi Steph

I used coconut oil and did not get on well with it at all. I used it to cook with, put it on rice cakes any way I could get it inside of me as had heard such amazing things about it.

Then I started to get severe pain in the gut area. I thought I had gallstones. The pain would start at night, last for about 2 hrs and I had lots of belching to accompany it. Seemed like a dead ringer for gallstones or other digestive issue, lack of bile etc etc. This went on for a few weeks.

Then it was mentioned to me I may be allergic to the coconut oil, I thought this was ridiculous actually. Anyhow I trialled stopping the coconut oil, and low and behold I have not had this pain since, and as a result don't now use coconut oil. As a aside, when I looked at the foods that are intolerant to my blood type - coconut was was on the list.

I know of others who do well on it though.

good luck



It has to be Virgin coconut oil.


Interesting! I have taken it today on crackers and i have to say it was very nice! I also used it as a moisturiser last night and woke this morning to find my skin was not as dry & tight as it usually is in the morning! So who knows! Am willing to give it a try anyway! I have also read it's great when applied to hair!


I've heard it's supposed to be very good too however when I have my sudden allergies to stuff (I go through these phases) coconut is one of them so I haven't been brave enough to try it yet. I might do though because I haven't had any of these weird, sudden allergies since switching to NDT :)


I don't know what the heath benefits are but I've been using it for the last 6 months and have one jar in the bathroom and another in the kitchen and love it! I sometimes put it in the bath before bed - use as a moisturiser - put it in my hair and wash it off in the morning... I cook fruit, nuts and seeds with it for a tasty breakfast.. i use it to make healthy cookies with... the list is endless!


It's lovely in hot chocolate! :-)


I tried it for the first time about 5 years ago and had amazing energy from it! In fact I believe it was that, that ended up driving me hyper. Stopped using it and tsh levels came back down. However, I've just started using it again, to cook with and I actually use it like a supp. I eat it off the spoon, gorgeous! I'm taking 6 teaspoons a day. Only just gone up to 6 teaspoons though,and have only been back on it a week, but have had a couple of really good days this week, with plenty of energy and the doc thinks I am not on correct levo dose (need to up it) but am waiting for blood test.


Great tip re hot chocolate, I shall try it in my cocoa to give a creamier consistency :)

There's a huge thread on the MoneySavingExpert website, whence I got a link to this site which gives lots of info, including research on coconut oil (from a positive stance - I wouldn't let it be my only source):

I bought a 1kg jar of the virgin version from the US, it worked out cheaper at the time. I haven't really got into it - I will say categorically that it is a wonderful frying medium, eg onions sizzle without burning, so I use it for curries because the flavour is compatible. I found it a bit too oily for my skin so didn't persevere, must try again.

I keep the large plastic jar in the fridge and it's quite a battle chipping out chunks, it's VERY hard stuff when chilled.


Hi, it states on mine once open to refrigerate but so far i have been naughty & ignored this! I can't see there being any major problems! As like you said it would be very difficult to get to when rock hard!!


Also a tip for the skin, i put mine on about an hour before bed & it absorbed really nicely after a while, not sure i would use in the morning as it does take a while to soak in :)


Hi I also tried the virgin coconut oil but also ended up very severe stomach pain so gave up on it :(


I've been using coconut oil for years. I like it. It is much more heat stable than anything else bar lard and I'm a veggie, so I use it so make dahl and other curries. Also nice on potatoes.


For anyone out there who is on a budget and would like to try pure coconut oil, I got mine in Wolverhampton indoor market from one of the Asian/ethnic stalls. Very very good value at £2:20 for 500g jar. Even if you do t live close enough then check out your local markets or Tesco extras sell it in their ethnic isles.

I would love to hear some more benefits of this as I haven't tried mine yet. Thanks xx


Interesting in terms of how much people are taking, i thought a spoonful was enough, have'nt really seen any benefits yet, i.e energy rush (don't think i'm capable of getting these!!) However, now i'm thinking maybe im not taking enough? although was nice on my skin, & i can see benefits for hair too so will try it when i wash! Have to say though i am slightly worried it will cause weight gain!! As i cannot shit a pound as it is!! (shoulda read 'shift' too funny to delete :))

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Also the hot choc is a really good tip! mmmm hot bounty springs to mind! :p


i have to sh--t a pound to lose a pound!!!.


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