Coconut oil

well just thought I would let all my fellow sufferers know how much I love this stuff. I eat it daily and it gives me energy. I put it in the bath and my dry skin and hair looks much better and my fibromyalgia isn't as bad, don't get me wrong it certainly isn't going to cure all my ill's till I get my t3s sorted out and I am a great pessimist usually but this stuff is truly great for me. Will be starting methyl B12 and B right tomorrow after hearing other sufferers on this site swearing by it. Also started a gluten free diet and found a great site to order from ( ilumi ) till I learn to cook my own gluten free meals. Just had to try and do something for myself as I was suicidal and desperate and so far so good. love and prayers my fellow sufferers xxxxxxxxxx

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  • Great stuff! - & here's another thing you can use Coconut [and other edible] Oil to pull bacteria from your teeth,.believe it or not. I tried it today and the swishing sound did get louder after a few minutes.

    Melt a tsp oil in a spoon till just liquid [not hot] and after spoon has cooled put oil in mouth and swoosh it around for 10+ mins. Don't swallow it [full of bacteria] or spit down drain [as it may congeal there] spit out after use ,rinse mouth with warm sea salt rinse and after clean teeth gently as normal.

    You can find better details online -and others who do it long term may well add tips.

    It's called Oil Pulling- aint life strange!

    PS: Don't clean teeth before usng oil first thing- as all the bacteria go into hiding!

    Something about their coating makes them oil absorbant , I read.

  • tegz you will never believe this I have just been reading this and i'm going to try it tomorrow but thanks for the info. also i'm going to try kefir (pro biotics) love and prayers x

  • Eugh - just tried this and lasted 2 minutes before having to spit it out - I really, really want to do this as it has some wonderful 'reviews' on the internet but my stomach won't let me - perhaps I will increase gradually and do 3 minutes tomorrow!

  • Keep trying- some people use it during a shower when the time is spare -and also a distraction.

  • Youdont have to use cocnut oil you can use any oil; but it must be for 20 minutes; 10 isnt long enough.

  • How frequently would you do this?

  • every morning xxx

  • So can you buy coconut oil in a health shop? Never heard of it before.

  • yes you can sidneymark 70 got mine from holland and barratts and I think its still on offer. great stuff and its great for hypothyroidism apparently . love and prayers x

  • I got mine in Sainsburys. Looks like a stock item, down near the oils.In a fat little jar-about £6 ish.[FTrade+ExVirgin, my source]

  • gosh thats cheap mine cost £15. just shows you x

  • I did say a small pot :) - but big enough for a trial for cooking.

    I got it primarily for that- as it is reputed to raise metabolism.

  • Ok well Sainsburys it is then! Thanks so much to you both xx

  • well tegz it has raised my metabolism I would say by 25% which might not seem much but at least I can move now especially when I thought I was heading for a wheelchair and yeah mine was a big pot 116 ozs 454 gms xxxxxx

  • Good to hear of this success. 25% is always good in the right direction :)

    Mine is 300 ml -typical, not in gms.

  • good value is coconoil £9.50 for 450g from their website free delivery. or from amazon same. they also do organic one. used it years ago for hair but you've inspired me to try it again for the hashimotos. thanks.

  • I'm sorry if I'm being thick, but u put it in the bath and you can also eat it ? Is this 2 seperate coconut oils or the same and how do you eat it (what with) thanks

  • it is natural coconut oil, no additives, it is liquid at room temperature, but goes solid shinny white when kept in fridge. i have used it to fry my hubbys eggs (poor bloke ) and he didnt notice any difference and it didnt splatter when hot. i add it to porridge when cooking, and use some inplace of butter when baking, i also use a small amount directly onto my dry skin where i think it is quite soothing. i dont have a bath other wise i would put some in with the water and have a good soak. hope this helps. I will try the mouth swish later.....

  • I've never like coconut in curries- but have determined to get along with this version.

    It does take getting used to [a bit] but is fine to fry with and can even be used as 'butter' on crackers [not for me, though].

    For some reason, though this saturated fat it is good for the body.

    NB:It doesn't take reheating though- as this destroys good properties.[Trans fats, again]

  • Here in the uk it is always white unless heated or v hot room / left in the sun/ or on radiator. That is why it is sold in a tub not a bottle.

    It is just so expensive.

  • the same oil. I just eat but if you cant you can have it in coffee or juices or fry with it x

  • yes we cook with it

  • I love coconut oil was addicted too it in pregnancy ate loads and used it on my skin. So please tell me more on how it helps under active thyroid please I have a lArge pot of biona organic in my fridge I keep using it with bicarb for deodorant and eat the odd bit

  • It's supposed to lift metabolism- so though won't correct thyroid imbalance will help stave off the lazy drop off incurred with UAT and also keep weight off- even though it's a fat! A healthy one!

    PS: Eggs and Butter are OK now, too- after recent research has put awful manufactured marge back in the tub...Just don't overdo it ;)

  • So you suggest using butter no marg? I've been using my daughters butter recently actually but I was considering eating less bread or stopping all together

  • Not all marg is the same- but trans fats are the baddies. I prefer to use butter or butter oil mix for soft option.

    All bodies differ so we have choices and sometimes pull the short straw!

    Now bread!- that is a source of much trouble for me and many others. Modern wheats are hybridised and the gut can't absorb well.

    Try Gluten/wheat free for a while - you may be surprised at improved vitality.

  • Iv`e seen unrefined coconut oil in the supermarket, but it costs over £6 a jar, too expensive for me. I`m wondering if the stuff that you can buy for about £2.50 in an indian shop is as beneficial.

  • So long as from Coconuts- Hooray :) It probably won't be organic though. If it is -set up shop ;)

  • I make little fridge cakes. Heat some coconut oil in a saucepan until it is just bubbling then add some sprinkles [ [ [ the seeds sold in bags in H&B ] Mix well and add a pinch of salt and a little maple syrup or honey etc. put the mixture into little paper cases in the fridge and when cold store in an airtight plastic container [and keep in the fridge ] Yum ! Ging

  • ....or be really naughty and add melted chocolate!

  • sadly am off chocolate!

  • which 'sprinkles' ging? these sound good/...

  • I buy mine from H&B -omega sprinkles - which can be added to cereals as well

  • Could coconut milk be as beneficial?

  • I use coconut oil as it sets when cold to hold everything together

  • I use coconut oil from Akoma Skin Care if you google it their site comes straight up. Theirs is inexpensive and is cold pressed which keeps all the goodness and taste as well. A lot of the commercial brands are over heated and it ruins the goodness, burning it all out. I use the same one for cooking and moisturising.

    It is lovely on the skin as a moisturiser and extremely beneficial for mouth swilling although I havent tried this yet, I need to get over the thought of oil sensation in my mouth but I have heard from others how good it is.

    I also swear by African Black Soap again Akoma do this. I have thrown out all my other soaps and cosmetics and creams and now use only these 2 along with shea butter every now and then.

    Despite having dry skin problems from thyroid my face glows after use and I get many comments on how young I look. Be warned though, initial use of the soap will dry your top layers of bad skin and slough them off but after that has gone nothing but soft smooth skin left.

    Swear by it and its Fair Trade too!!!!

  • thanks annapickle ordered both x

  • oh wow :) hope you like them as much as i do.

    Just to help if you haven't used them before, black soap is incredibly soft so break off little pieces at a time and keep the rest dry as it liquifies in water. I keep mine in a little plastic tub with lid in the shower. Take a tiny bit and rub together in your hands with water for a few seconds the lather is incredible. Leave on your face for about ten seconds or until you feel your skin warming and then wash off, leave as long as you like on the rest of your body before rinsing. As I said your skin will dry a lot while it gets rid of the bad layers so stick with it, its well worth it.

    Again with the coconut oil you only need a tiny bit, massage between your hands and it will turn to oil as it melts, then rub into skin.

    Let me know how you get on :)

  • will do annapickle xxx

  • Please buy organic butter as the milk used is from organically reared cows, no nasties pumped into them and fed on grass instead of adulterated grains and pumped full of chemicals, worth the few extra pennies; don't forget that organic eggs are healthier too when chickens are allowed to roam and peck naturally as opposed to being battery reared and fed on grains. Ditch something that is unnecessary or processed from the shopping basket and use the funds to make healthier purchases.

    Coconut oil is expensive but goes a long way.

  • Joyia,I agree with you. Processed food is poison. Butter is not our enemy, it is essential and if organic even better as there are more nutrients in it. Butter is the fat babies use to build their bodies! Why do people think animal fat is bad? We ARE animals!

    Also for your heart's health, try to get UNhomogenised milk as the homogenisation breaks down the fat molecules and makes them lethal. That is unhomogenised, not unpasteuried, you don't have to drink raw milk to get unhomogenised, Duchy Originals is unhomogenised milk and much safer for the heart.

  • Thanks for that marram, I normally drink goats milk but Duchy unhomogenised is new to me and I will research it.

  • Coconut oil rocks! I have it on rice cakes, in porridge, use it as lip balm, you can mix it with honey and a little cocoa powder and stick in fridge then just eat...yum! The possibilities are endless....

  • If youre going to try oil pulling it needsto be done for 20 minutes, any less isnt long enough. If the cost seems prohibitve , you can oil pull with any type of oil; but coconut oil is relatively tasteless. I bought cold pressed biona oil for a big tub for £8.

  • Hi Helvon,how lovlely of you to end the post with love and prayers we all need them.

    Extra virgin coconut oil I agree it's really good I use it in cooking some times and lovely on toast ( gluten free bread).You reminded me of it I must use it again on my hair it's

    coming out in handfuls at present.

  • hi mariolin thanks for the reply yes I just love the stuff and like everyone else I am on a journey of self help. sorry to hear about your hair your thyroid is obviously playing up as it does. funny how it has flare ups as well as being faulty.I hope it settles soon for you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Read an article once on hair loss, a lady who suffered extensively found eating numerous amounts of cockles remedied her situation. Not sure what the ingredients of cockles are but obviously sea foods have something in abundance that perhaps one is lacking.

  • off to get my coconut oil, thank you

  • lol lola 1956 hope you get good results. love and prayers xxx

  • I will try this, have always used Coconoil. It is lovely in cooking, but I have heard that it should not be put on your face.

  • I think first use can slough off dead skin, so maybe this is why- though as it is eaten and is good for skin moisterising I can't see any 'non cosmetic' reason for this warning.

    The skin shedding is only temporary, by accounts on usage.

  • Used to buy it off Amazon but Tesco sells it now. ;)

  • I think its cheaper if you buy Biona coconut oil from amazon; £14.45 with the discount they give you for 800 grams.

  • which is still expensive i know )-:

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