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Just bought some coconut oil as I read it was helpful with underactive thyroid. There are no instructions on the jar. So have spread it on bread and it was delicious but it reminded me of dripping when I was a small child! Is it very fattening? How often should you have it? In what form? and what exactly does it do for you? Sorry to ask to so many questions but hope somebody can shed some light on this subject for me - thanks.

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  • I just eat it straight from a tablespoon. I gagged like crazy the first few times but now I actually enjoy it! I'm never great with the science behind things but it is meant to raise the body temperature I think, and help the metabolism rev up. Between 1 and 3 tablespoons a day is the goal. But if you can only eat it on bread I would imagine that's okay, any way you can get it into you!

  • Thank you. I've had two slice of bread covered in it today, it was delicious at the time but then I felt sick! Think I'll just have the one in future. So it helps the metabolism, that would be good.

  • p.s. I bought it in Sainsburys and the assistant said so many people have been asking for it. Funny the way things get around isnt it?

  • Try this

    and the links and comments are interesting.

    Moggie x

  • Oh dear Moggie, have tried to click on to this site but its not allowing me and would really like to read it.

  • Just managed to get into it, very interesting. Thanks so much. x

  • Good, I was just about to sort it.

    Moggie x

  • Yesterday I melted a few tablespoons of coconut oil in a saucepan, added a small amount of organic honey, organic sunflower seeds, organic cranberries and bashed three organic brazil nuts into fine pieces to add to this mixture. Spooned into an ice cube tray and popped into the fridge. This made 12 very healthy nibbles that are delicious. Found all my ingredients in Sainsburys.

  • Mmmm will have to try this, thank you.

  • Hi,

    If you look on there are lots of recipes using coconut oil, including things like coconut oil roasted carrots. Haven't tried this one yet, but plan to.....

  • I fry and roast everything in coconut oil - also give it to my mum on toast as she has Alzheimer's and it's supposed to be good for dementia as well as underactive thyroid. Also good for dry skin and hair; some say it has antiseptic and natural antibiotic properties but haven't explored that avenue yet!

  • Thanks for this, I must say I've only tried it straight onto bread and it makes me feel a little sick. Will try roasting with it. Have you had any good results with it?

  • Yes - we are all less bloated and our cholesterol tests have come back lower with a higher 'good' cholesterol level; also no weight gain! :-)

  • Right, so how much would you say you ate per day?

  • I have to be on a low fat diet due to having pancreatitis so would I still be able to use this coconut oil or has it got too much fat in it? I'm supposed to limit my fat content to 25g a day.

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