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Do you want to be well again? Please read this as it could change your life!

I want to share my experience in the hope that it helps you. You may have more that needs looking at than your thyroid. In short, I have hashimotos and under active thyroid and since seeing a private GP I have learnt I have quite severe problems with my adrenal function. I have spent the last 8 months really unwell with what feels like muscle/nerve pain head to toe, brain fog, inability to talk properly, nausea and daily episodes of total body shut down where I have to sleep. Sound familiar?! Pretty hard with a job and two kids under 4! Anyway, my NHS GP continually fobbed me off with increase/decrease in thyroxine. Since seeing my specialist I am back on the pill and continuing to take thyroxine. I now also take.....wait for it vit d, iron, T convert, seratone and 2 diff drugs as well as herbal remedy for my adrenals. Basically, specialist says that he is now trying to fix the adrenal problems (which can be 100% fixed, hopefully within months) which will, along with all the other drugs (!) hopefully make the thyroid manageable long term. So, if you are being told you just have a thyroid problem, please, please get your vit d, iron, urine and cortisol levels (adrenal function) tested as well! I really hope this helps. Happy to answer any questions.

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Hi there - glad you're feeling better!

Yes, I agree that there are loads of things 'in the mix' to fix before we feel better.

I can't but help wondering why we are low in most things (probably from low metabolism & low Thyroid function? - chicken & egg really) Folks often discover adrenals are affected (or cause?) too.

Yes we keep harping on that Vitamin D, irons (and other minerals/vitamins) are often ignored - they are important! but sadly most docs don't seem to think this way.

May I ask is that Nurti T convert? and seratone - is that 5HTP (B vits and zinc?) also wondering what the herbal remedy is for adrenals. Personally I wouldn't call them drugs if they are just supplements/natural herbs.

I agree - get tested! annoying GPs seem to favour certain tests, and waste a lot of NHS funds just to eliminate other things first! Of course going private is different. Jane :D




Each capsule typically contains:

Mukul myrrh extract (gum guggul) 300 mg

Magnesium (as bisglycinate, oxide) 75 mg

Zinc (picolinate) 7.5 mg

Copper (gluconate) 0.8 mg

Selenium (selenomethionine) 75 µg

Encapsulated with:

Capsule shell (gelatin/glycerol)

Magnesium stearate

Recommendation 2 capsules daily, with food.


One 100mg capsule provides: 100mg 5HTP, 10mg vitamin B6, 5mg Zinc, 50µg Biotin, 100µg Folic acid, 30mg Niacin.

Which at recommended doses gives 20 mg of zinc. The US RDA is 8 to 11 mg with a tolerable upper limit of 40 mg. So generous.

As we do not know what else is being taken,difficult to assess.

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Please could you let us know what sort of 'specialist' you saw, what sort of adrenal test s/he authorised and what the herbs are?




I'm glad you are on the right track but would be very grateful to know more, like Sue-F.



Apologies this is brief, I am working today (albeit from home as can't commute too much yet!).

As well as the T-Convert and Seratone mentioned above, the drugs for adrenals are AdrenoMax which is a multivit and mineral complex with herbs and Nutri Adrenal which is an adrenal concentrate. Both are prescribed drugs. I also take a herbal remedy called Siberian Ginseng and Liquorice Tincture which you drop into water.

My specialist was one of the GPs on the Thyroid UK list. It is expensive and I know not everyone can afford it. When I first saw him he did saliva tests for cortisol levels which showed the adrenal failure. Hope that helps a bit for now. Happy to reply again later.



Thanks for the info - sounds good - which doctor was it?


Thank you very much for the info. I'm beginning to wonder if my adrenals are crumbling under battering of life stresses, could you PM the doctor when you have time?


Adaptogen herbs like the one i take help with the adrenals naturally.


Kristilou did you change your life alot to help with adrenal recovery? This is the part I can't manage, life if so full of stress..

For info, Genova do saliva cortisol test - around about £50,

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I see the dr in Hendon, London from the thyroid UK list. I have had to change my life to exclude exercise (was training for half marathon), have only the odd alcoholic drink and rest as much as poss. Pretty hard as I have a 2 and 3 year old! I can't go the office much as can't cope with the commute into London so work from home a lot. Have def had lots of low times but seem to be having more and more good days which I couldn't have imagined even 3 weeks ago.


I wish more doctors were like yours who recognize the stress/adrenal connection to failing thyroid. This doctor thinks that there are 22 reasons for low thyroid which I have been posting his videos for months. Also Stop the Thyroid Madness addresses the fact that GP's often ignore the side issues (possibly due to NHS restrictions). So, keep advertising and glad you are finding answers to this complicated condition.


What do you mean by serotone and T convert???? What are these and what is the purpose? I take ashwagandha for my adrenals but it has so many other qualities that help with many other things. Since i started on the stuff i have seen a difference in a few areas and just wish i listened to my brother sooner.


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