Watch this movie - it could change your life

Only a few more days to watch this movie for free. I urge any of you with unresolved thyroid and other health issues to watch it. Mould biotoxin illness is a real and common illness that affects every system in the body, and it is unrecognised and undiagnosed in the UK. My daughter is slowly but surely improving, but only because we went to the USA where this documentary was made. The word that stayed with me after I watched the movie was "fight". We've had to fight for help (it's taken 23 years). We've had to fight for belief (few people, and no doctors in the UK believe us) but most importantly the fight from within my daughter has been constant, and now our belief has been vindicated by her amazing doctor in the USA who is healing her. So do watch this movie and it may shed a whole new light on your illness. I hope it helps. Jane x

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  • It made me a bit paranoid! I had a big escape of water from a burst water tank three years ago and the inside was completely rebuilt!!!

  • I think you only need to worry if you have symptoms. I live in the same environment as my daughter - she has the condition and I don't. It doesn't affect everyone. It can have a genetic component as it says in the video. Jane x

  • Hi janeb2 - glad you found it useful and worth forwarding. Wanted your approval before doing so - so thanks M x

  • I think they tended to overemphasise that moving from an affected house is important and that you'd have to leave everything in the old house and buy new stuff. I don't know how anyone could possibly afford to do that and how sure you could be that the new house and contents wouldn't be affected within a few months. I know people who have recovered using the necessary medication whilst still remaining in their home. Otherwise I thought it was an excellent overview of what this condition can do to a body. Thank you for the heads up - I had nearly forgotten about it.

  • Many years ago, we were housed by the council in a maisonette that had warm air heating downstairs only. The bedroom walls and ceilings were covered in black mould. I dread to think what damage that may have done to us all! I have a friend who lives in a house with no central heating, and her house always smells musty. She never feels well, has M.E., can't lose weight, etc. I will tell her about this video.

  • Thank you for posting.

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