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Do you have unexplained symptoms/nodule but thyroid readings OK, if so please read this

Hi, I have an under-active Thyroid but this post is not about me it is about my daughter. About a year ago she had a bit of a swelling in her throat, had difficulty swallowing etc and was sent to see someone at her local hospital, a surgeon actually who was severely lacking in any social skills at all. Anyway my daughter was told she had a benign nodule on her Thyroid and had acid re-flux and basically told to go away., they have since put her on anti-depressants. Earlier this week my BF who is a type 1 Diabetic said that she had a nodule on her Thyroid, high calcium and low Vit D and her professor called it: HYPERPARATHYRODISM, being the type of person who investigates everything I went on line and this is the result. Please read all about it and please watch the video, I immediately got on the phone to my daughter who keeps on seeing the doc re her thyroid readings which are borderline, said the doc, but then said it was dangerous to give her medication OMG I despair of idiot doctors. Anyway here you go, it may shine a light for someone x

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Hi Elle, thank you for sharing this information with us. A pity it is not sent to all doctors and a calcium test is so easy to do as a first step. Do hope your daughter is receiving help now.


Hi J_bee, I really hope that as many of the poor mis-diagnosed people as possible see this and they tell everybody they know it seems to make a lot of sense, I only told my daughter about this an hour ago and she will not see it till gone 7 when she gets back from work but right now I want to choke that horrible surgeon who should know better!

Its crazy we have to educate ourselves!

thanks for your reply as this was my first ever post. cheers Elle

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Elle, hypothyroidism and hyperparathyroidism are entirely separate conditions requiring different treatment. Parathyroid glands are situated close to the thyroid gland but their functions are entirely different and separate. Thyroid controls metabolism and parathyroids regulate calcium.

Thyroid nodules don't usually cause hypothyroid symptoms but when they grow they may impact on the thyroid glands ability to produce sufficient hormone and may compress the trachea which can impair breathing and swallowing. Your daughter's nodule should be monitored and nodules >2cm should be biopsied to rule out malignancy.

Hyperparathyroidism is usually caused by a benign tumour on one or more of the parathyroid glands resulting in low vitD and high calcium. Treatment is surgical removal of the affected parathyroid glands.


Thanks Clutter, yes I am aware of all that now, thanks and sorry if I confused anyone but when my BF called me to tell me she had Hyperparathyroidism and I looked it up things just clicked into place re my daughter because her doc told her that at the time she had Hyperthyroidism and the nodule (benign) was nothing to worry about and its probably just acid reflux but her thyroid readings were: TSH: 0.96 T4: 12.5 & T3: 5.6. its just that none of the information she was getting was making sense. I and all the females back 2 generations in my family are HYPO, and 3 doctors have now told my daughter that it does not run in the family! She is really very poorly also with Pcos and the only thing the doc will do is give her anti-depressants, she is a working mother, 16mth old child and a high pressured job.

So sorry again if I confused anyone, I suppose I just got excited and thought I had something worth putting on this site that may help other people. Did I put it under the wrong thread/post? Complete newbie I'm afraid so any direction would be welcome



Elle, you posted in the right place. I just thought you were confusing the two.

I agree with Angel of the North, daughter's results are not hyperthyroid and she should ask for the vit/mins to be tested.

There is a connection with PCOS and hypothyroidism btw but your daughter isn't technically hypo until TSH is over range or FT4 &/or FT3 below range. It is known that symptoms can precede abnormal bloods by years but the NHS protocols are very inflexible.


No way is TSH: 0.96 T4: 12.5 & T3: 5.6 hyper unless the ranges are really weird. If anything, T4 is very LOW in range, but T3 looks good. Might be worth getting B12, ferritin, folate, D3 tested as low levels can look like hypo symptoms.


yep I know that Angel but I live at the other end of the country to my daughter and she is a grown up now. At her surgery she sees a different doctor everytime so the whole thing is completely fragmented, I have even written guidance out for one of the doctors who told my daughter that yes your mother is very knowledgeable but my hands are tied, what on earth does that mean. Anyway the tests you suggested are now on the list (now a long list) of bloods I want her to go in and request at the doctors as those readings and the nodule problem are actually over a year old now. Thanks so much for your interest and advice



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