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Folate and vitamin d

After all the blood tests my GP has decided to prescribe vitamin D as my count was low. No kidding Sherlock! I was deficient in vitamin D a year ago and my last GP decided I didn't need them. Another cost saving exercise? However she also decided I needed to have more blood tests (more vampires here than I initially thought) to ascertain why my folate count is low she's now decided that both f these things are causing the bulk of my issues I reckon. Tiredness; muscle aches to the point I want to scream; inability to walk more than 50 steps before I need to rest; 6 stone weight gain in three years; hair falling out; inability to kneel due to chronic pain in my knees if I attempt it; I can only wear uggs or emus cos my feet hurt so bad when I walk; chronic sleeplessness. Yeah I take 75mcg of levothyroxine hasn't changed in three year cos I am on the normal spectrum and I feel worse by the week. I'm frightened I will never get better, lose weight, rediscover my libido which disappeared at the same time the thyroid decided to stop working properly, I just want to live again rather than just exist! I'm frustrated, weepy, angry, in pain, fed up and very fat! I am complaining I am being inquisitive I am read arching this chronic condition so I can try and talk to my GP with some level of accuracy and confidence but what if she won't help me? What f he knows better? Does she? Please help me. Is she on the right track? Any comments will help. Thanks everyone. Jut knowing some of you know how I feel and can empathise somehow helps ......

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75mcg is quite a small dose and the first thing to do is to get a print-out of your most recent thyroid gland blood tests. All of your symptoms appear hypo to me and no wonder you are despairing. About 4 months after I began levothyroxine I had widespread pain like you and difficulty walking but am fine now - I had to switch from levo but some when they have a large enough dose they may have an improvement.

Ask for a copy of your thyroid gland blood test results complete with ranges, or get a new one, and post another question so that you will get more comments. Also ask for a B12 if she hasn't already done so.

We have to read and learn in order to know more than our GP's in order to recover. This is a video of 2 sufferers who went in front of the Scottish Parliament last week and I think many of the MP's were shocked by what they heard.


Hi A lot of this is low Vit D. Make sure you know your figures as a lot of GP`s will only treat very low. I am assuming the GP knew you must have a calcium blood test first? it is the corrected calcium that counts as, must always be in range and is effected by Vit D. For this reason, D is started low and increased on 3 monthly retests + ca.until stable and then both re tested annually.So, as you can see symptoms will take a long while to be OK. If very bad, you have osteomalcia which is adult rickets. Simple to notice as horrible. Treatment sill the same.

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