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Comments on our petition

Hi all

A few of you have asked about commenting on the petition. We had ticked the box saying 'no comments' a while back, in order to get the process moving along. I believe leaving it open for comments would have delayed getting the petition lodged. We did think this would be reversible and comments could be allowed later but it appears not to be the case. The clerk emailed me to say interested people can still contact the committee with their comments/evidence and the links he sent me are below.

The second link doesn't make it very clear to whom you should email but I think it is the email address on the right.

Our petition is PE01463 and it should be quoted in all emails.

Get writing! ;-) x

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I shall write something for you tonight with bells on! Mary F x


Right - so what points would you like us to make in particular? Not much good at writing so any guidance will be a great help.


PS thought you were both wonderful at the session yesterday - well done.


thanks Hiphypo

I just mean that you can write anything you want to say about how you have found your thyroid treatment/diagnosis if you would like to. Please don't feel you must write anything though xx


Definitely will respond. They will be surprised to say the least and will have to employ someone to co-ordinate posts - most probably.


Hi Lorraine

We have a report on the website about the petition - we'll add this info to it too. :-)




Thanks Louise :-)


I have sent an email to the address suggested detailing my experience (may I say that it is in no way as bad as your own). I have told them that I do not understand how a lab can refuse to follow the request of a GP and that the endo's at Ninewells are reluctant to do the test. I hope they get a move on or it will be too late for many of us. Thank you again for your courage in doing this.