Scottish Parliament Thyroid Petition - Minister for Health closes it down :-(

I thought there was going to be a committee meeting in January but now yesterday Health Minister for Scotland just closes it down saying no Short Life Working Committee will be established because no evidence for the petition.

Really disappointed.

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  • Unless there is a way to keep the petition open and do something other than a Short Life Working Committee?

    The response in the letter makes me so angry. Especially the end bit about looking into how patients find it difficult when they find it hard to get treatment or where there is mixed evidence for a treatment. Thyroid patients don't need a pat on the head and to be told "sorry, we know it can be hard to get treatment but we're still not giving you the pills you need"!!!!!

  • Just to confirm, the petition is not closed down. The Scottish Government do not have the power to close it down. Not sure what will happen at the next parliament meeting but the hope is that the Scottish Parliament will set up their own enquiry.

  • Thanks for letting me know. It sounded so final because he is the Health Minister and he said no committee. I hope something can still be done.

  • Hi Totoro,

    We have some connection problems at our Facebook site but will update it when we can. The Petitions Committee said they would consider conducting their own inquiry if the Scottish Government found they were not prepared to do so. That will be discussed at the next meeting a week on Tuesday. The Scottish Government don't have the power to close down our petition as Lyn says. From the outset, Elaine Smith MSP and ourselves have said we would prefer any further scoping work to be done 'in house' at the committee level. We really would be pleased if that is the outcome of the next meeting. Meanwhile, Elaine Smith's clerk is writing to any who have submitted their personal stories to her, requesting permission to publish them so look out for an email from Samantha at scottish parliament if you have written one! xx

  • Fingers crossed, Lorraine.

    Will the committee meeting clash with the Vasco de Gama conference?

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