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Thyroid UK Submission to Petition Committee


Thyroid UK has sent a written submission in respect of the evidence session at the Scottish Parliament Petition Committee meeting on 9th February 2016. We were very concerned at the poor quality evidence given.

To read our letter go to:

To see the video of the meeting go to:

To read other submissions and the transcript of the meeting go to:

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Brilliant letter!


Chapeau Lyn, an excellent retort. Thank you!

Well done!

Excellent letter....

Well voiced Lyn.

Well said .Thank you.

Excellent response, Lyn.



Thank you for your very good letter. There was some better responses by some of the male Scottish Members of Parliament but the Professor seemed out of his depth I thought.

People who have never had hypo or their family hasn't suffered in some way are not very aware of how unwell we can be if not on the right hormones.

They didn't appear to have a copy of the letter of the poor patient who was driven to commit suicide due to her being diagnosed with so many other conditions before hypothyroid which I believe was sent to the Coroner's Office. That's only the tip of the iceberg we know.

Why didn't they invite Thyroiduk as a spokesperson as you would soon have put them right.

Hi Lynn - really brilliant letter well done - let's hope it carries some impact. I'll check out the other links also.

I hope it gets a lot farther than the 2nd reading of the Votes For Expats Bill did this morning In The Commons. It was withdrawn after the Cabinet Office Minister muddied the waters with spurious comments about doing things online - Oh the Internet is Not Secure enough for online voting. Duh!

Sorry to get political but health is a very delicate and political subject also - I'm all for using any means we can to get things done!

Thank you for fighting for all of us. I can partially understand the work load this has given you, and am so thankful that this subject is being highlighted, so thank you so much for all your work.

Thank you

Excellent robust responseLyn. Thank You to ThyroidUK for compiling the results and presenting a thought provoking letter.



In addition to Lynne's Post - those living in Scotland - Inverclyde particularly - may be interested in the following article in the Greenock Telegraph. I am a subscriber to, given some of childhood was spent in Gourock and Inverclyde General is where my dad died in 1998 - I'm now convinced he was almost totally undiagnosed till he was sent to Hospital by his GP, dying 1 week later! I now have have similiar if not the same health conditions - but certainly with hindsight both of our symptoms are the same!

So I say get to those living in Inverclyde who use TUK, get in there with the Information put up by Lynne and TUK!

........." PEOPLE in Inverclyde are being urged to have their say on how health and social care services should be run.

Residents are being asked to take part in a consultation on plans which will drive services for the next three years.

Health & Social Care Partnership chair, Councillor Joe McIlwee, said: “The plan proposes that in the future, planning for health and social care services should happen at a more local level and encourages local people to get involved.

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“That’s why we need the views of local people — and we need them by March 2.”

The plan is online at and comments should be sent to ............"

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