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If you can please sign the Petition which is self-explanatory.

When I was at the Conference on Saturday a scientist said that there was great difficulty getting his work published, so it would be good if as many as possible signed this Petition if they haven't already done so. Excerpt:

We have a chance to get the most influential health body in the world – the World Health Organisation (WHO) – to say something strong on the need for the results of all clinical trials to be publicly reported. Following all of our pressure, the WHO has decided it needs to say something about this and is seeking comments on its draft policy. We have to grab this fantastic opportunity with both hands.

P.S. you have to put your name and address otherwise it isn't acknowledge. I assume by address it is our email address.

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  • Its not acknowledgement thats the problem its getting the BTA and RCP etc to read and understand!!

  • I understand that but what if there has been some positive results in our favour and cannot get published. There must be lots like that particularly if it's not in big pharmas favour. Can you imagine something that showed we are better on a particular medication or maybe the TSH isn't the best way to judge/diagnose. The BTA/RCoP will definitely not like that I am sure but can they go against scientific evidence?

    As I understand it, lots of scientific papers don't get published whether good or not so good. Maybe scientists are doing similar projects and if published they can compare this or that maybe in our favour.

  • Signed and posted on.

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  • There have been many scientific papers published on the subject but the BTA and RCP are too deep in the pharmaceuticals pockets to read them!!

  • Even if they read them - it is ignored. Dr Lowe sent a scientific paper to them on the use of Natural Dessicated Thyroid Hormones which they completely ignored. He then sent a further two yearly reminders. Again ignored.

    They want to remain deliberately ignorant as most of them have taken their stance due to the promotion by the Pharmaceutical Companies (in the USA I believe) that the blood tests and TSH and levothyroxine are 'exquisite' for the recovery of patients. I think it's common in the USA for pharmaceutical to persuade doctors to use their products by monetary incentives

    They are so dogmatic about levothyroxine and TSH for diagnosis, it's more than a scandal as not everyone can take or get well on a particular medication. They should listen to the patients, who are the ones who are swallowing medications which is giving them side effects. The patients don't get paid for their suffering and continued ill-health.

  • Thanks, Shaws. I thought I had signed previously, but apparently not as my sig has been accepted.

  • I think there are so many Petitions around, you don't know if you've signed or not. :)

  • I think I already signed as get emails... I will check...

    see Ben Goldacre at

  • Thanks for that spareribs. It is an eye-opener really. I think there have also been reports on levothyroxine not being suitable for everyone but Big Pharma has the clout (monetary wise) to shut mouths.

  • you want to borrow this book when I'm finished?

    third award down - "Deadly Medicines & organised crime...."

  • No thanks. It's bad enough dealing with one, for some a deadly medication without knowing there's a LIST of them.

    I remember a cousing who was prescribed Vioxx for pain and was telling others it was a miracle and should ask GP to prescribe. The next week her doctor phoned and told her to stop as people were having heart attacks and it was withdrawn. How many people died I wonder before the dots were joined up?

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