Another petition well worth signing.

This petition was forwarded to me tonight by a wonderful man, John Midgley whom i referred to in our petition to the Scottish Parliament petitions committee. He is a very learned and distinguished clinical biochemist who has some incredibly interesting recent papers on the validity of the TSH test as an accurate measure for hypothyroidism. We have been emailing back and forth and his help has been a god send to me.

I'm just so thrilled that he is so supportive of us and our cause. He suggested I share it with my group and so i am asking for any signatures and comments you can give. The target is the World Health Organisation and the petitions committee did mention writing to them for some idea on the scale of the problem world wide. So, now is a good time to get this in.

Thanks everyone x

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Signed an posted on FB ;) xx

Oh thankyou so much Clare :-) xxx

Fairly sure I already signed this but did it again just in case (they only count it once though :( ) Also shared on FB :)

Thanks Carolyn, I know they come around a lot don't they, there seem to be loads on the go at the moment. I go to sign them, put in all my details and then it says, too bad you signed already ;-)

signed x

Cheers mushroom x

There are other global petitions already circulating widely and which will be submitted as supporting evidence to the Scottish Parliament by end of March.

One is the hosted on the International Hormone Society's websites and has nearly 3000 comments/signatures. Half of the comments have already been copied into a Word document and will be until the 11th hour and then sent to the Scottish Parliament as supporting evidence.

Silky x

Thanks Silky. Yes I have seen the other petitions for the parliament, just thought this one would be useful as it is going to the WHO. The more the merrier x

Hi Silky

Thanks for posting. I have, however, taken off the link to the second petition.

Many people here have already submitted their comments to the Scottish Parliament, or have/are sending them through directly to Thyroid UK to be submitted with their evidence submission (requested by Parliament). I'm sure you will agree that there is little value in the same people submitting comments more than once. In fact, this will only cause confusion. :-(

We also feel that some people will be confused by the fact that it is a 'petition' and will think it is a separate issue.

Thanks again for your time.



By the way, I have also signed the WHO petition above. x


Brilliant hooper!

oops done it already - tempted to do a petition about memory problems!

Lol! I'll be signing that one! :D

;-) Know the feeling spareribs

Signed. I see he has been working with Hoermann lately, I will have to look over his previous work. Thanks for the reference. PR

Signed x

signed n shared xx

Thanks so much for signing lovely people :-) I know there is already a huge Thyroid Change petition with over 8000 signatures with the WHO but the fact that these researchers and professors have started to join in and sign petitions is what is really exciting I think. If World Health Organisation start receiving several petitions on thyroid issues, it can only help draw attention to our plight.

The Scottish Parliament one we did only needed three signatures so the fact anyone can comment on the petitions website mid march will be a great opportunity for us all to say our piece. xx

Hasn't the Scottish Parliament written to the WHO? I would have thought that they would forward the Thyroid Change petition and all other info they receive on to them so that they can see just how big the problem is.. it seems strange that they would write to them without keeping them informed. Just thinking aloud. ;-)

Silky x

could an addition be added; requesting the UK IODIZE the salt that is for sale as is done in the US & some other countries

Hi Silky, the committee did say they would write to the WHO asking what their stance was on the issues the petition raised and if they had collected any evidence on these issues.That's not the same as 'have you been petitioned by thyroid patients'. They may forward the Thyroid Change petition but then again, it doesn't matter if they don't as Thyroid Change can do this themselves if they want.

All I was saying was that the more petitions the WHO get from separate groups or people, the more they will have to admit there is an issue.

Signed and shared! Karen.

I've signed. Maybe we can get something done eventually.

signed xx

Thanks everyone for signing. It's growing quite fast. Here's hoping the WHO take notice.x

I've signed too

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