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Scottish Parliament: Public Petitions Committee 05/02/13 VIDEO NOW AVAILABLE!!

Scottish Parliament: Public Petitions Committee 05/02/13 VIDEO NOW AVAILABLE!!

I have not yet watched but wanted to let everyone know asap. I shall say jolly well done to our Scottish contingent getting it this far - and shall be watching in a little while.

And I'd like to emphasise that it will only be available for ONE MONTH.

[Link corrected 14:52 06/02/2013]

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Thanks very much indeed. I have been looking all morning so look forward to seeing it.

On looking at the video photo, I think it may only be the Commttee's Minutes which they are going over. There was no follow up re Thyroid. I will look again.

No, it is not the same the above link is about Thyroid.


Well done ladies indeed :-D Looks like it went very very well and looking forward to a positive outcome :-) Thank you so much for doing this - it is so appreciated. You are both very strong to be taking this on.

Thanks Rod for posting :-) xx


Thank you for posting this. I have just watched it and felt very emotional.At all i can say.The women who spoke were absolutely amazing and covered all the necessary ground.What is more, they were listened to.I will show my husband later and he will be very proud to be Scottish when he sees it!


One word 'brilliant'. Both women were a credit and answered the questions succinctly and hopefully some good will come out of it.


Fantastic, articulate and credible work - this is the way to go, very impressive. Mary F xxx


Most impressive. Well done ladies....




thank you SO SO MUCH!



Just finished watching it. You were both fantastic - cool as cucumbers and answering questions in an informative way.

Thank you both and look forward to the updates!


gulp! I wish I was a scot! Well done ladies, you were fantastic, thank you so much. And they seem to be listening! Yay!

Jane :D xx


Absolutely awesome!! Oh wow, this could be the beginnings of change. How exciting! Thank you so so much Sandra and Lorraine - you should be really proud of yourselves - well done!



Thankyou sooooooooooooo much, your names will go down in the history books. It was very emotional watching you both. WELL DONE xDigby


I have just watched this video of Sandra and Lorraine at the Scottish Parliament. Remarkable, and the diverse nature of your knowledge and insight about hypothyrodism and the huge problems surrounding the TSH test and conversion etc is extraordinary. I learned a great deal today - and I am sure members of the Scottish Parliament did also!

Thank you both so much for presenting this in such a professional and articulate way.

I hope so much that this will be the beginning of cutting edge action into the many crucial problems within the NHS in diagnosing thyroid problems and a core understanding of the REAL nature of hypothyroidism

With my very best wishes to you both



Well done to both ladies for getting this far and for their bravery and courage!

I was impressed but the committees" interest in their petition. Hopefully they'll be keeping us all up-to-date with this?

Without all the papers in front of us, a few things struck me as follows:

- Not everyone with a conversion problem has adrenal issues.

- Even with T3, some people still have a few symptoms (like myself) and have had to pay themselves for further, very expensive, tests which can be done to see why their is a conversion issue, involving vits and mineral defences and interference from toxins. I was wondering if these tests were the ones the ladies were referring to? It would be useful to know just what tests they were alluding to. Does anyone know?




Hi Mary

If you have some questions, I'm sure that Lorraine - laladrew would be more than happy to help.




Hi Mary and what a valid question.

Yes indeed we were referring to full metabolic screening tests, which test for B12, D, iron and a host of other vitamins and minerals as well as homocysteine (inflammation marker) and other vital things. Sandra made mention of it, not sure how much depth she went into (can't bring myself to watch it again yet ;-) ) but we had initially included lots of info on this with our supporting evidence and were advised it was too technical and best left out. The committee will be contacting a Dr Lindner who we are in touch with and he is a huge advocate of such tests and so we feel sure he will put emphasis on these tests as this is what his work is largely about.


Brilliant ladies, thank you both


A Very big thankyou to these ladies for raising these issues that so badly need voicing.

So well done, Blessings to you both.


Thank you so much to all the people involved with placing all our thoughts,worries and hopes to the Scottish Parliament it was great, and I like a lot of other people out there can't thank you enough. Lets hope things now go forward.

Regards wakeham.


Indeed, a massive thank you to these two ladies.

HOPING all the best.

Will the outcome of this meeting change anything in England?

I do hope so.

It is a brilliant video, I really do wish things will change. And thanks to them.


Well its taken me 2 weeks to catch up but what a worthwhile hour spent watching this recording. Thank you Sandra and Lorraine and Thyroid UK. Hoping we can all add weight to their work so far!


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