Are you getting enough Vitamin D?

Here's a calculator you may like to try to see if you are getting enough natural Vitamin D.

If you are not getting enough, and let's face it we haven't had it in abundance this winter, or last summer for that matter, you may like to get your levels checked and if necessary take some replacement Vitamin D.

Jane x

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  • I have been put on Vit D supplements as my count is 47, range 50-120.

    It was requested 3 times before the lab actually did the test, refused as not enough clinical detail on the form, so the last time it was requested, the doc wrote what looked like a chapter of War and Peace!!!! lol

    Ann xx

  • According to that i should be getting 28min i get a minimum of 45min a day i wouldnt been able to say if that means that my vit d levels are right though as they have never been tested

  • Well us 'naked apes' need it, and as there's no sunshine here 'up north' I take drops, and avoided carpal & cubital tunnel surgery to boot. got mine tested here (as GP refused)

    I'm worth £25! J :D x

  • My level was 12 about 18 months ago - not surprised as I didn't go anywhere near the sun whilst ill with hypo for 6 years.

    I buy my own vitamin D3 (MAKE SURE IT IS D3 IF YOU BUY IT YOURSELF!)

    I didn't want to take Adcal that my GP prescribed - I cannot see that there was a problem with my calcium. I don't want to supplement with calcium when I don't need it.

    I must remember to have my vitamin D level checked when I have bloods re-tested in March.

    I feel better for taking Vitamin D3 and B12 and other supplements. Ah that has reminded me, I must buy some selenium, keep forgetting.


  • I live in sunny Gibraltar but still my D levels are bottom of the range. Taking vit D3 see if levels go up.

  • Hi Yes lots of people in UK need vit D. However it is not safe to take it unless calcium is in range. It pushes calcium up. Should also be increased with more blood tests. I used to have a huge amount of D on a script, then my calcium started to rise ( in spite of a drug that indirectly lowers it), first I had to reduce the dose , finally stopping Now ,although D very low, I have osetomalacia from low D, it is adult rickets and nasty! Calcium out of range is very dangerous to heart, kidneys and can cause stones. If high it may be due to parathyroid or even cancer.


  • Ted,

    How I wish this was correct! Incidentally my arteries are fine, I have had 3 angiograms. I also have many kidney stones, gall bladder, all of which are analysed and are calcium. as is usually the case.My vitamin D , from on a script ,caused my calcium to rise, no question of that. i am fortunate that I have exceptional consultants including my endo.The D can increase the calcium in the blood, nothing to do with consuming it.I take no supplements containing calcium, nor dairy products I never have.My magnesium is checked weekly as it must be kept in its small range.I think you may have misunderstood, perhaps I was not clear. Taking vit D ,only can cause the calcium to rise, it is a good thing so long as calcium is watched with blood tests.I do not oppose what other people say, that is not in my nature, I am just pointing out that the consequences may be serious without a calcium test.

  • Ted, there is a better blood test for magnesium , not just in the Plasma but it can also be tested for in the bones (When mine is too low, it is dangerous to the Potassium level too) then it causes cardiac arrests, this is normally one of the causes of sudden death at any age. It is due to the electrolytes, mainly potassium, Calcium, sodium and magnesium They all must be in range.. This is well known from all the research and the best pathologists and cardiologists understand this When I take magnesium as I do on a script, my Magnesium is then in range. It is perfectly true that a lot of people also need to take calcium but only if below range. Personally I have the advice of the best of the medical profession, a lot of doctors are useless! it is also backed up by very detailed research. I do not take part in arguments. I am just pointing out this so that intelligent people as on the site can be well informed and make up there own mind. I am not interested in arguments.If I had known this ,I would have avoided 4 cardiac arrests and numerous other heart problems.I always believe it is important to have all the relevant information.I shall not be replying to you again.


  • I know my vit D is low, its been tested (last aug) I spent nearly 4 months chasing the results which the surgery said they never got (I dont actually believe this I think they lost them because when I mentioned it to the nurse doing bloods back in Nov she said she had seen them). Since they got them again I've spent aq couple of months asking for them only to be refused and told someone would get back to me, which they never did, until I got a letter on Friday telling me I had to make an appointment as it was important to get my deficiency treated straight away!!! Like it was my fault theyve ignored it for months!

    I suspect it must be quite low, however my B12 is right on the bottom of the range and they wont increase it because it is "normal" , but I have read here and other places that this needs to be brought up first, so I will yet again been marked down as refusing treatment.

    Its my guess that the low vit D levels will be half my problems with bone/joint pain and poor teeth.

  • Ted,

    Thanks for some really useful information. Once you're in range is there a recommended maintenance dose of D3? Is it possible to overdose? I'm currently at 170 nmol/l.


  • Thanks, Ted, very helpful!


  • I have s

  • Hi, Hope you can get some answers and support from your meeting with the GP. However if not there is somewhere that checks Vit D levels at a very reasonable cost. I'm afraid I can't remember where exactly and my contact is out of the country at the moment. Maybe someone else on here will know however, and if they don't respond to this in the next few days it might be worth asking the question on here again.

    Jane x

  • I havn't made an appointment, my GP is completely unsupportive, unsympathetic and arrogant, and I'm just not up to facing her at all at the moment. Its probably been low for years so a few more months wont make a difference! I'm more bothered about the Vit B which she wont treat because its in range, albeit right at the bottom, despite the fact that I have obvious symptoms of B12 deficiency, and pernicious anaemia being rife in the family :/

  • Hi Ted, Do you have any information for people who are unable to tolerate vitamin D supplements (of any sort), but who are not sunshine intolerant?

  • Thank you for the comprehensive response. Yes, tried transdermal route very early on in my quest to figure this out. Whilst it worked well in terms of raising D level, it gives the same symptoms as taking supplements any other way. Symptoms of weakness, fatigue and brain fog set in rapidly with as little as a supplement of 400iu daily. This happens by the third day of 400iu. Over the last few years, I've tried every brand, type and method of supplementing, all with the same result.

    GP doesn't believe this intolerance is possible. On my request he tested for calcium / parathyroid issues and lyme disease in case any of these were the underlying problem, but all ok. So he's ignoring the problem even though I'm deficient at this time of year.

    I'm unable to consume fermented foods including dairy, due it it triggering flare-ups of another disorder I have, so the yoghurt idea is out :(

    Regular holidays to sunny climes are out for various reasons, so it looks as if I will have to find a suitable UVB source. Cholesterol level was around 6 this time last year. Not too low to make D via the skin I hope!

    If you come across any further info relevant to people with D supplement intolerance, I would be very keen to hear about it. I know I'm a bit of a rarity, but there are others in the same situation and it seems to largely be being ignored in all the vitamin D research.

  • Thanks Ted,

    My GP doesn't believe I'm intolerant to supplements, and doesn't prescribe them either (we get told to buy our own). So I know he won't entertain the injection idea. Besides, knowing how badly the low dose supplements affect me, I'd be terrified to try a large dose via injection.

    I've tried both D3 and D2 in tablet form, plus a sublingual that include vit K to avoid all possible problems associated with oil.

    I'm not worried about my cholesterol :)

    UVB exposure via lamp (as opposed to sunshine) is not something I've tried yet as there are no local salons with the UVB sun beds and I can't accommodate a bed in my home. The smaller lamps were ridiculously priced last time I looked! If you happen to know of a sensibly priced small lamp from a reputable seller, I'd very much appreciate details (via PM please).

  • Have you tried looking for a Lightbox. Amazon sell them. I have used one for years for SAD, but it seems it's all connected. Also use daylight bulbs indoors.

  • Thanks for this Ted. When I checked for my location it came back with a reading of 24 hours needed per day at the moment!! That's because we've had wall to wall cloud for 99% of the past 3 months in my neck of the woods.

    Just thought it would be a good exercise to make people think about their D3 status.

    Jane x

  • Wow Ted that is really informative, thank you so much.

    I'm vitamin D deficient and taking supplements. I'm very fair skinned and use sunscreen but even so there's not much sunlight here in the UK anyway

    Interestingly my mother is also vitamin D deficient and she lives in sunny Florida!

  • Ted,

    Thanks for taking the trouble to share so much useful information!

  • Hi Ted, you are a mine of information, only one disparity, I think that I am 100% microbe !!!

    I have read some of your articles/blogs before and they are very informative. Where/how did you accumulate it all, was it just picked up over time or have you made a deliberate study of it?

  • I went to the nadir site Jane originally posted - I put in my exact longitude and latitude - 25 miles north of Edinburgh. It said I needed 0.57 hours of cloudy sun exposure a day. Half an hour of light that means you have to have the 'big' lights on in doors! We have up to a month at a time when we need car headlights int he day time. I can't believe this level of sunlight requirement can possibly be correct. I have previously spent 30 years on the south coast of the UK. The difference is horrific.

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