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Vitamin d

Hi there. Not been online for a while. Thought this may help other people. I was doing really well last year after vit d supplementation. Lost weight, loads, had energy. Then bit by bit started going downhill . Weight gain like you wouldn't believe. Zero energy. Had to fight gps for vitamin d test. They tested my tsh, and yes,had gone hypo again with a tsh or 7.48. My vitamin d was more of a shock at 17! Please everyone, get your vits tested.

If anyone knows why this may be. Please message

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Calcium and parathyroid levels need to be checked, hyperparathyroidism can be a reason for recurring low vitd.

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Hi bantam12,

I was just wondering about what you said and aren't people with an under active thyroid are mostly low in Vit.D and even after raising the levels we still have to take a certain amount of the supplement to maintain the levels?


May be so but it was very low vitd that made me look further and I was found to have primary hyperparathyroidism, its fairly rare so probably not an issue for you but worth checking to make sure.

I can't take vitd supps but i manage with my d level in the 20's at best.


Hi there,

What is hyperpaeathyroidissm? Sorry for my ignorance.

Thank you.


Hyperparathyroidism, so parathyroids rather than thyroid, low vitd is an indication.


Did you change your brand?


I have been suffering similarly to you, although my tsh has'nt budged (taking t3 and t4), calcium level in spring blood tests was over range, so endo ordered parathryroid test last month, and came back well over range, but vitamin d levels had gone down since spring test, albeit taking 2000 dose daily and plenty of sunshine during the early summer. My latest advice from endo is to still take same vitamin d dose,, and he will see me in May next year to review. I have started recently to take vitamin K alongside the vitamin d (my own decision) to see if this has any effect on the calcium levels, as the endo says he is more concerned about whether the calcium level rises, as opposed to the pth result.

Has me somewhat confused, my energy levels are all over the place, and hair thinning, and pains in legs. You just hope the endos know what they are doing, I had anticipated being sent for a scan of the parathyroids, but will have to wait and see.

I suggest you get your calcium and parathryoid levels checked, just it case you are diagnosed similarly.


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