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Vitamin D levels

Hi, after much going back to my previous GP practice several times to acquire my Vitamin D levels they have come back.

GP says they are a bit low when I saw him last week but is it low enough to require supplementation? Thanks!

25-Hydroxy Vitamin D - Normal - No Action

Total 25 OH Vitamin D - 57.3nmol/L

25-Hydroxyvitamin D2 Level - 6.2nmol/L

25-Hydroxyvitamin D3 Level - 51.1nmol/L

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There are no ranges on there. But if a doctor says they're low, then they're low! Most would try to wriggle out by telling you they are normal.

I use an oral spray, which you spray under the tongue.

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Oops, sorry.

The ranges are:

<25nmol/L - Severe Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D replacement is required. Patient may need pharmacalogical preparations.

25-50nmol/L - Vitamin D deficiency. Supplementation is indicated.

50-75nmol/L - Vitamin D may be sub-optimal and long-term clinical effects. Advise on safe sun exposure and diet.

>75nmolL - Adequate Vitamin D.

Thanks for recommending a spray form of Vitamin D, the highest I've come across is 3000IU.


Angel, optimal is 75-200. Most of us need to supplement Oct-Apr when ultraviolet levels are low so consider supplementing 1-2,000iu vitD3 capsules daily. They need fat for absorption so take them with food or buttered bread/toast.


Thanks, will write this down.


I take Healthy Origins Vitamin D3 Gels 5, 000 IU which I order through Amazon but I don't seem to be able to access the page (or it's been withdrawn). I was fobbed off by my endo who said that my Vit D levels were 'fine' (51, lowest value in the range: 50!). Given that the blood test took place in the height of summer he didn't make the mental leap that if they are that bad in the summer they must be dire in the winter. Thankfully my GP saw the connection and agreed to me supplementing. I'll be rechecked in December. Another case of an endo being hidebound by test ranges (he's the same with TFTs) and not using any intelligence to work out the bigger picture. At least your GP was honest.


They are trying to reduce stocks of high potency supplements - there has been quite a bit of info on one of the websites about it. Big Pharma probably doesn't want us to help ourselves so they can step in with nasty pills.... alliancenaturalhealth.org


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