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Where do I go from here? Some advice please!


Hya everyone.Im a newbie so hope Im doing this right! I've recently been to my GP (AGAIN) due to my constant fatigue, aching joints, unexplained weight gain, irregular periods and intolerance to cold (to name but a few symptoms) and was told that I had borderline tests in 2008 but I had not been informed.Finally I felt as if I had the answer after around 7 years of feeling this way on and off.However, I then had further blood tests whereby my Free T4 = 11.0 and TSH = 1.49 and was told that my thyroid is fine. My GP is now clutching at starws and asked me to have a further blood test that diabetics have even though my Glucose level was fine.I work within a Primary Care Nursing Team in GP surgeries every day and take bloods from people with many illnesses including diabetes and know that if I was diabetic there would have been an indication in the Glucose test. I feel that my GP is not interested in my symptoms and made me feel like a hypochondriac. Also, I know the lab will not process T3 tests.Am I right in assuming that I do have grounds to pursue the Thyroid tests further and am I best to make an appt with an Endocrinologist? I have asked many Doctors and Nurses in the last few days for advice and have been shocked by the lack of knowledge when it comes to Thyroid illness. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.Thank You.x

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T4 11.0 is quite low, but still within range. First I would ask your doctor for a trial of levothyroxine. If the doctor says no, I believe Thyroid UK have a list of doctors that might be more sympathetic.

I think thyroid hormones are worth trying: there's little, if any, downside and if it makes you feel better then great. I don't understand why a doctor would refuse a trial. If it doesn't work, you just stop and the cost of medication would be negligible. On the other hand, if it works then the cost of the medicine would be negligible to your increased productivity.

I wish you all the best.



You have a slightly raised TSH and feel rough. so something must be causing it. This isn't normal. And what is borderline hypothyroid? the doctor is talking rubbish you are either ok. or not...

so.... given that you have some t4 in your system, how much of this is converting to t3? How much t3 do you have in your blood and how much of that is being used in the cells? A blood test and a urine uptake test would give you a clue.

You can't work out what is wrong if you only have half the picture, and neither can your doctor.... silly man.....

I would just have private tests done.... you don't need a referral, Lab 21 and genova both ok labs.....

If you have low serum t3 then you'll know it's a conversion problem, or low urine levels will show an uptake problem.

Also, you need,to be taking selenium and Vit C. How are B12? D3, Zinc and copper?


HayleyT1 in reply to Hidden

Thank you both very much.x

Have you had a thyroid antibody test? Do you have any other auto immune conditions?

I had extreme fatigue whilst taking the contraceptive pill years ago. Only found out by accident when I changed brand due to a scare, developed a migraine and decided to take a break for a month before resuming. After about 2 weeks I noticed that I wasn't having to take a nap when I got home from work and was feeling much better. Dr's ignored it but as soon as I started taking the pill again it returned after 1-2 weeks and stayed until I stopped taking the pill. I stopped taking it, needless to say and it never returned until I was diagnosed with thyroid issues. The Dr's had run all kinds of tests, including the diabetes, thyroid and goodness knows what else and all came back negative. I mention it only as it happened to me and I can't be the only one.

Hayley go back and insist that your Gp asks for T3 .....like you it took me years to get a diagnosis. If you can get a referral all the better

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