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Where do I go from here?????

After quite a fight I was eventually diagnosed with an underactive thyroid gland and have been prescribed levothyroxine. However before this I had been treated for depression, peeling skin,aching limbs, lethargy, and weight gain of 2 stone( inspite of going to the gym 6 days a week) I was the 0ne to say - I have a thryoid problem- inspite of the classic symptoms!

My weight is gradually reducing but I am on Weight Watchers diet and still doing extreeme amounts of excercise, I have to take diclofenac to enable me to overcome the aching limbs . Fortunately I have always enjoyed sport and excercise but I hate the increased weight and my progress is so slow (but at least its not going up) and I feel very down. I have been to see an endocronologist at our local hospital- having nagged my GP to refer me. He was not keen to do this but eventually caved in. I was flabbergasted when I saw the registrar as he just kept saying that my thyroid levels were within the range and therefore all was well- the weight gain etc was not due to my thyroid problem! He even brought the consultant through to see me and he said the same. I pointed out that if he went on line he would see that mine was a common problem and that there must be other avenues to explore as I did not feel well and 12 stone 4 was far too much for someone who is 5ft 4 inches tall- but he just re-iterated that my thyroid levels were within the expected range and there was no other treatment available.

I have always tried to keep myself fit and to help myself but am very frustrated at keep hitting my head on a brick wall. Where do I go from here?

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Please exercise your right to be given copies of blood tests then post here all items tested plus the ranges, as these differ from lab to lab, enabling informed interpretation and advice.


Will do - I will obtain the results of tests at next Hosp visit inMarch. Thanks for your concern.


It's sad and all to common as you have found out RedJane.

Welcome by the way and you have come to a good place.

Why else would people search for information and join sites like this when they are being treated by the so called experts? It's when they doubt what they are being told or when they are not getting better despite treatment.

You are right to trust your own instincts and it's good that you pushed your GP. So, it's very frustrating for you and so many on here when you encounter endo's who do not listen to anything else but what the blood tests are saying.

Nostoneunturned is correct - you need your blood test results to post on here and the reference ranges.

Can you also say how much and what medication you are taking?

One step at a time is helpful to make good informed decisions. There will be lots of helpful suggestions for next steps once you post this information.

You are entitled to copies of your tests results, so hopefully you won't get any aggro when you ask for them. Persistence pays.

Good luck and keep posting xx


I have just been emailed the results of the blood test carried out at the hospital for the endrocronologist that I saw. He said that all the results were within the normal range. I have no idea what normal should be so I am putting the results here for all your coments. I was quite surprised that free T3 and free T4 were even tested as this detail was not discussed with me. TSH = 2 mU/L 0.27-4.20

Free T4 = 17.5 pmol/L 12-23

Free T3 = 4.7 pmol/L 4.0-7.8

End of report

I am not sure whata pmol/L means.

Thanks in advance to anyone who responds for their time and concern.x


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Hi The symptoms you describe could be Low Free T3, make sure it is tested, you may need T3 on a script. If that does not help, or GP awkward, make sure you see a good endo.

best wishes,



Hi I'm having the same problem. I worked in the fitness industry for 10 years and have exercised all my life. Although I've always had problems losing weight, I've never experienced so much difficulty as now.

I've been taking Levothyroxine fo 7 months. From information that I've gathered on this forum, you need to be converting t4 into t3. T3 is the hormone that's responsible for metabolism, it might be your not converting effectively, a lot of GP's and Endo's wont even test for t3 let alone prescribe a combination t3/t4 medication.

I've lost 71b in 7 weeks so I know how you feel. It might be worth reading more about the thyriod and how it works, even printing off some info and taking it in on your next visit. Insist on having your t3 checked.

I go to the gym 4 times a week and burn 800 calories, and I only eat 1200. A lot of people reading this will think I dont eat enough to lose weight but I've tried eating more, to no avail.

The problem I have is that apart from some muscle and joint pain ( It's only what you'd expect running 5 miles on a treadmill) I feel really quite well. I've not asked to be reffered to an endo yet as I'm luckier than most people who come on this forum and I'm about 10 1b overweight, so I'll keep plodding on.

I do worry for the future though, regarding my weight. If I'm struggling now, I can't see me being able to keep this amount of exercise up when I'm 60 I'm 53 now.


I will do as you suggest and print off some of the advice I have been given from people on this site, however I am a little concerned that the endo will not like bei g told what to do, even if I am tactful. Lol. I am 63 and like you have struggled with my weight all of my life- fortunately I love sport and excercise so am still trying. I am currently doing Zumba. Pilates ,aquacise,motion and mobility classes and am following weight watchers diet religiously and am only losing half pound a week. I will keep trying. Thanks for your help and time.


Hi Redjane - yes welcome to the site :) Your problem is very common and it is because doctors see that your test results are in range and think that is OK. Being in range is not the same as being optimal in the range for you. Most people (but not all), feel better when there TSH is right at the bottom of the reference range or even suppressed, and their FT4 is right at the top of the range or just above. As the others have said, it would be very helpful if you could post your results together with the ranges on here. Hopefully we will then be able to offer you some more advice :) xx


This Dr. Holtorf seems to think that diet and exercise do NOT work for hypothyroids and explains why here.


I've seen that info before when I've been looking desperately for information about weightloss for hypo people, and I've also seen HCG being sold on the internet. Not a permanent solution for weight loss.

I've seen some Endo's advertising that they specialize in insulin resistence, and weightloss. Are they the best ones to go to? It's a difficult one as I also get regular info sent to me from coach calorie, who's a personal trainer. He says to buid up your mitacondria (muscle fibers) which helps to increase your natural metabolizm, and not to reduce your calorie intake to much. I'll do my research on leptin resistence, no debt what ever I find it probably wont be available in the UK!


Well all I can say is that I wont give up and I enjoy the exercise so will continue to do it all anyway. Have lost a few pounds from dieting and excercise but it is also firming up so thats an improvement. I am following weight watchers diet so calorie intake is not reduced too much. Booring Booring- it must be great to be able to eat drink and be merry! lol

Thanks for answering.


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