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Data to support 120mcg T3

I have self-increased my T3 dose to 120mcg per day. My temperature is still low at times (34.5) but my bp is perfect. I feel quite well but feel that there is room for improvement as I have fibro. symptoms and sometimes brain gives up.

My GP won't increase my prescription from 60mcg so I am constantly putting in repeat prescriptions and running low on pills.

I am due to have a chat with my GP tomorrow. She may ask for repeat blood tests but as she only tests TSH and T4 I have no idea why.

Does anyone have any links to info. which would support my level of T3? I have lent her Dr P's book and told her of Dr Lowe, who I undestand was on 125mcg T3. I have a link to an extract from a book by Dr Teitelbaum which quotes Dr Lowe and says that with cellular resistance an "average" dose of 120mcg may be needed to make the patient well.

Many thanks.

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Am not sure if this would be helpful.


Thanks for the link.

I need high doses of T3 only.


Hi, Dr Lowe was on 150mcg by the way :)

I suggest you get a referral to a good NHS endo (write on here asking for recommendations) as your GP clearly knows 'nothing' about T3 only do I know? as she's requesting TSH and T4 only, they both 'useless' for T3 only people as TSH will be suppressed and T4 low as a result for most people on 60mcg+

Shaws link is good, my NHS endo wrote to my GP that people on T3 only 'usually need slightly less in dosage' when he talked about me and my dosage to GP, my dosage in question on this letter was 175mcg daily :D

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Thanks Shaws and nobodysdriving.

At a previous GP surgery I asked for referral to an endo., who was supposed to be an authority on thyroid issues and the endo. refused me as a patient (nhs and private) because I was taking Armour.

My present GP is the last one in the practice who I will deal with; at least she is prescribing T3. She did, however, ask me to take some T4 (1 grain of Armour) as my T4 is, of course, very low. I tried but felt awful. I can only conclude that I have a conversion problem and T4 sits around making me ill. (This makes sense as a forced period on Levo. saw me very unwell with a 24/7 headache, breathing problems and weight gain of 21lbs.)

This GP is obviously unhappy about my being on 120mcg - the pharmacist at the surgery made a comment about the price of T3. I have discussed with her that I check my temps and bp and know how I feel.

Very interesting to know that you are on 175mcg of T3, nobodysdriving. Are you at optimum levels yet? I feel that I am almost there.

Again, thank you for taking the time to respond.

Best wishes.


Hmm. Sometimes I think that the NHS should look at their purchasing policy and try to get better deals on drugs, perhaps from Mexico!

Good luck.


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