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Help explaining my thyroid results please

Here are my results, the doctor wasn't clear so I'm confused. this is my first ever thyroid test and it was done because I am experiencing symptoms that could point to thyroid problems. I'm sick of feeling like a complete different person! If anyone can explain my results I'd be very grateful x

TSH 0.51 (0.55 - 4.78)

T3 5.1 (3.5 - 6.5)

T4 12.7 (11.5 - 22.7)

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To me (in all honesty quite inexperienced) but your tsh is slightly raised but imo unllikely to be of any concern.

T3 within range and T4 within range.

may I ask if/what symptoms you have that caused them to quiery your thyroid?


Hi Depending on how you feel. The results are Ok but I would think you definitely need more T4 ( levo) and possibly some t3. However unlikely the GP will prescrbe T3 on those results. I would push for higher T4 and a vit D test. If d low a calcium test and treatment with D. Both D and thyroid need repeat tests until stable. Sounds promising that your GP actually did a Free T3 test.

Best wishes,



A low T4 and a low TSH can be indicative of a pituitary problem.

Depending on your symptoms, I would suggest also having a B12 test in order to rule that out. The symptoms can be very similar.




I defo have symptoms of something. I was more worried about the tsh being off the range. But you guys say that's ok? How is a b12 test done?


I recommend that you go to the main Thyroid UK website and browse through the information there, especially the things in the left hand drop down menus from "About the thyroid" downwards. You may then get a clearer picture. There is also some information about B12 deficiency there. You may then want to return to your GP and ask for more comprehensive tests. Jane x


Your TSH is near the hyper range (0.3-3.0) You want optimal levels near the 1.5 level as you can get. Everyone is different.


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