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Re swopping from erfa to armour

I have been taking 2 1/2 grains of erfa each a.m for approx 18 mths. I also take 25 t3 split into 1/3 each day, I am coming to the end of my erfa and have to swop to armour soon. Could anyone advise me how best to go about this ?

Is it ok to just stop the erfa one day and start armour the next or should I alternate days of each or mix them together ? Also do the strengths of grain differ ?

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hi there...can i ask why you are swapping brands?



I cant get hold of erfa anymore I dont think


I'm in the same position as you. I've been replacing 1/4 grain ERFA with Armour for a week, then was going to go to 1/2 grain the next week and so on. This is how I switched from Armour to Naturethroid years ago, and then Naturethroid to ERFA. I don't ever stop one and go straight to the other, I just add bits in gradually. However I didn't try Armour at the time of its reformulation and don't like what I have just bought. It's like a powder, dissolves into nothing and tastes of chalk, I can't believe there's anything natural in it. I've also been having slight palpitations and feeling tired so today went back to ERFA only.

I've found a pharmacist selling 125mg ERFA and despite the inflated price am going to get some to tide me over for a while and then try switching to the ones from Thailand whatever my GP says about them. My GP is happy to monitor me provided I take what he calls a recognised brand.


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