Erfa or Armour


Can anyone give me some infomation about the above NDT's.

I am currently on Armour but is very expensive, have found Erfa cheaper in this country but I am worried that it will not be as good?

Have others found it to be the same strength grain for grain?

Would you just switch from one to the other?

As you all can appreciate when feeling better you don't want to mess with it but cost is obviously an issue long term.

Kind regards

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  • I agree about the price of Belgium, you have to pay ca 200€ for a bottle of 100 3 grains (180 mg) pills...incredible!

    I have tried both Armour and Erfa and find Erfa stronger; probably because it does not contain cellulose which can slow down absorption. Even though Erfa contains slightly less T3 and T4 per grain compared to Armour (35/8 mcg compared to 38/9 mcg in 1 grain pills), I have found I need 1 grain less of Erfa.

    So far, I have not had any bad batches of Erfa, but there have been so many reports about this both here and elsewhere (for instance, on the Stop the Thyroid Madness) that it cannot be ignored. It seems something changed when the company moved production from Belgium to Spain a few years ago and, although the company denies reformulating it, it's obvious something happened to Erfa to affect consistency. Since then, there seems to be good and bad batches (the bad batches being like taking sugar pills according to some users), but nobody seems to know what the problem is or why this is happening.

    Erfa is cheaper than Armour, true, but still expensive considering all the problems in recent years. For that reason, I have switched to Thai NDT. It's a lot cheaper, and seems to work as well, if not better, than both Armour and Erfa.

  • Many thanks for info. Where do u get the Thai NDT as someone said <site deleted> but could not find it. I have enough Armour until November but want to sort it way before I run out.

    Many thanks

  • Kazza8,

    The Sun did an exposé on the site you mentioned for selling prescription only meds, including Thyroid-S, without prescription and the site removed them.

    Please observe posting guidelines:

    23. Do not post advertisements, links or information of any sort whatsoever, on where or how to obtain UK prescription only medications without prescription. This includes online pharmacies who issue 'prescriptions' on the basis of the completion of a simple health questionnaire.

  • Apologies

  • Ive just noticed if you go down to the bottom of the page, under your post, there's a really handy section called 'related posts'

    You can see other people asking the same question about comparing these 2 brands.

    (I'm not saying don't post your own question btw! Just thought it might be quicker for you to gather info)

  • Thanks for that - I have not been on site that much so will definitely look up past replies

  • I've been on Armour for years. I tried Erfa for a while last year as I thought if it is the cheaper option - I should really try it. Erfa made me really hypothyroid (ended up with a low T4 and high prolactin level as a result). I did not feel well on it at all (sluggish and brain fogged with no motivation) so I'm back to Armour now.

    I don't know if I'm just really used to Armour or if I should have taken a higher dose of Erfa (compared to Armour) but I prefer to stay on Armour for now.

  • What you say is in line with what the STTM has been claiming for quite some time; that is, that something happened to Erfa a few years ago after production was moved from one country to another. Nobody has been able to find out what the problem really is, but it seems inconsistent ever since and many have ended up hypothyroid as a result.

    It's a shame Armour costs a fortune nowadays:-(

  • Yeah - I bought some armour privately a couple of months back and it was like £100 a bottle of 100 x 60mg tablets. I remember when it was about £35 a bottle. Extortionate!!

  • Personally I cannot take erfa because the fillers are very d9ifferebt and it contains maize which I am very intolerant to.

  • Interesting...I wonder if this is why I get a terrible itching every time I try Erfa...? The problems also go away after a couple of days off it.

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