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Please can you tell me if I can get a printout of my blood tests from my NHS Endo. He is a T4 only man. Somehow I do not quite trust him, simply because when I first saw him he told me never to look up anything on the internet re thyroid as it was all useless information.(thank good ness I did not take that advice) I have to tread carefully. I am waiting for a bone density scan and don't want to mess anything up ! Thank you. Digby.

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  • Same rules apply throughout the NHS - described here:


    It is not always clear whether accessing your records via your GP would show up tests requested by consultant (or, indeed, vice versa). Probably very much depends on area.


  • Thank you Rod, I havejust printed it out and will go and sit quietly and study it.

  • Hi Have you asked his secretary to send you a copy of his report/letter to the GP? It should contain blood tests results but, in any case ask the secretary, it should not be a problem if not, to have a copy of blood tests. i always have them ,daily, when they arrive while in hospital. If "old fashioned " hospital you may have to insist rather than ask.


  • Thank you Jackie, that sounds very reasonable. I do not see either Doc or Endo till end of February so will have to wait until then. At least I will be forearmed when I go! The hospital is ancient and looks terrible inside, but I think the treatment and I get is quite up to date, I hope so.


  • Digby, Once you have seen a consultant, you can phone their secretary any time.It will just be a photo copy of the letter to your GP. Some GP`s will let you have one, try receptionist.Actually reading your email may be you are asking ahead of seeing the endo. in that case make it clear to them. The better consultants automatically send you copies of everything,

    Best wishes,


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